Interpreting The Mansions of The Moon - Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Interpreting The Mansions of The Moon
Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

Each mansion has traditionally held associations, and the magical work that draws on the energy or wards against it relates to the context of the mansion, the lunar phase, and the energy of the zodiac sign. Some of the mansions overlap signs and provide different energy relationships for the same mansions, depending on the Moon’s position at the time of the magical work. Utilizing the sign energy in coordination with the mansion and the lunar phase allows for a coherent magical practice that acknowledges the ancient interpretations and can be updated and applied to modern times and thought.

In the following list of the mansions, I provide their traditional meanings, both positive and negative, separated here as energies of the lunar phases of waxing and waning, with waxing energy culminating with the Full Moon, and waning energy ending with the Dark Moon. Some of the mansion meanings are repetitive, archaic, violent, selfish, and vindictive, which reflects the times in which the various magicians who defined them lived, yet these energies can be understood in modern terms. For example, there are many types of slavery or captivity, such as being bound to something distasteful (low-paying job, unhappy relationship, disability, illness, etc.) for one reason or another. Captivity may be a matter of choice, and release could be sought through personal determination and courage. Negative energies may also be contravened with magical work, so that the lunar mansion energy for holding a slave may be warded and thus freedom from what enslaves one is gained. The names and meanings for the mansions come from Abenragel, The Picatrix, Agrippa, and Barrett, and from the examples of seals they describe for using mansion energy. I note the sign energy when it starts, so a mansion beginning in one sign and ending in another can have different nuances from start to finish. I offer suggestions for the medieval viewpoint and modern adaptation in parentheses.

The list shows the MANSION NAME, [zodiac location, traditional name], degree in each sign, name of the RULING SPIRIT, sign energy, designated waxing and waning energies, and (my commentary).