Correspondences for Essential Oils - Appendix

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Correspondences for Essential Oils

Almond: prosperous harvest

Bay: psychic powers, purification, wishes, divination, justice, wisdom, promotion

Bergamot: success, wealth, justice, break hexes/hindrances

Cinnamon: spiritual/psychic powers, protection, success, business, healing

Clove: attract wealth, purification, ward negativity, cleansing, memory, vision

Dragon’s Blood: consecration, power, strength, life cycle, changes, protection

Frankincense: protection, blessing, spirituality, meditation, power, sacredness

Ginger: love, goodwill, success, money, power

Jasmine: love, health, dream visions, meditation, spirituality

Lavender: Elves, purification, peace, psychicness, creativity, cleansing, love

Lilac: protection, banishing, Summerland, beauty, clairvoyance, past life

Myrrh: protection, ward negativity, purification/consecration, Underworld, binding

Orange (or Neroli): love, good fortune, divination, money

Patchouli: money, fertility, protection, Earth, Underworld

Pine: purification, cleansing, money, courage

Rose: love, attraction, divination, psychic power

Rosemary: purification, blessing, protection, love, health, Elves, courage, mind

Sandalwood: protection, ward negativity, spirit offering, third eye, past lives

Spikenard: luck, health, faithfulness, anoint sacred objects, Egyptian deities

Vetiver: love, money, ward negativity, exorcism, break hexes/hindrances