Correspondences for Herbs, Plants, and Resins - Appendix

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Correspondences for Herbs, Plants, and Resins

Acacia: altar offering/consecration, psychic powers, meditation, protection

Agrimony: protection, returns spells to their sender, promotes sleep

Allspice: prosperity, energy, money, luck, healing

Almond: prosperous harvest

Angelica: protection, divination, visions, consecration, exorcism

Anise: purify/consecrate, protection, spirit aid in spells, divination, aids creativity

Ash: wands, protection, prosperity, prophetic dreams, death passage

Basil: protection, courage, wealth, love, divination, creativity, repels negativity

Bay: psychic powers, purification, wishes, divination, justice, wisdom, promotion

Bayberry: peace, harmony, health, draw good fortune

Benzoin: purification, prosperity, meditation

Bergamot: success, wealth, justice, break hexes/hindrances

Betony: purification, protection, psychic awareness, banish despair/nightmares

Birch: wands, protection, purification, ward negativity, cleansing, the Goddess

Blackberry: protection, health, prosperity, Underworld, rebirth, the God

Blackthorn: return evil to the sender, thwart negative energies, barrier, Hecate

Borage: psychic power, protection, courage

Burdock: ward negativity, purification, protection

Cardamom: love, romance

Carnation [Dianthus]: protection, strength, healing, Goddess offering

Catnip: love, creativity, cat magic, familiars, restfulness

Chamomile: meditation, rest, purification, calmness, prosperity

Cinnamon: spiritual/psychic powers, protection, success, business, healing

Cinquefoil: prosperity, protection, purification, divination, healing, good fortune

Citron: psychic ability, clarity

Clove: attract wealth, purification, ward negativity, cleansing, memory, vision

Clover: divination, consecrations, money, luck, love, Otherworld

Coltsfoot: faithfulness, love, goodwill, visions, political power, tranquility

Comfrey: healing, safe travel, money

Coriander: health, money, love

Cumin: protection of belongings, harmony in home, unity

Damiana: divination, protection of property, the Goddess, love, sexuality

Dill: money, protection, love

Dragon’s blood: consecration, add power, life cycle, changes, protection

Elderflower: Fairies, blessings (never burn the wood), magic power

Elm: Elves, love

Eyebright: aiding mental powers, divination

Fennel: protection, the God, deflect negative energies

Feverfew: ward sickness, ward accidents in travel

Fir: manifestation

Frankincense: protection, blessing, spirituality, meditation, power, sacredness

Garlic: protection, power

Geranium: health, fertility, love

Ginger: love, goodwill, success, money, power

Hawthorn: wands, fertility, protection, creativity, witchery skills, attract Fairies

Hazel: Fairies, healing, protection, luck, communication, wands, witchery skills

Heather: [red] love, [white] protection, [purple] spiritual development, beauty

High John the Conqueror: money, love, happiness, protection, breaking hexes

Honeysuckle: divination, dreams, psychic awareness, mental agility, prosperity

Hops: health, sleep, relaxation, divination

Hyssop: purification, wards negativity, protection, increase income

Jasmine: love, health, dream visions, meditation, spirituality

Juniper: aid psychic power, protection, health

Lavender: Elves, purification, peace, psychic ability, creativity, cleansing, love

Lemon balm: success, health, love, unity, justice, good luck

Lemon grass: psychic power

Lilac: protection, banishing, Summerland, beauty, clairvoyance, past life

Linden [Tila]: protection, immortality, good fortune, sleep, love

Lotus: blessing, spirituality, happiness, luck, health and healing, meditation

Mace: psychic power, alertness

Marigold: marriage, clairvoyant dreams, Fairies, protection, psychic powers

Marjoram: love, protection, wealth

Mint: protection, prosperity, offering to helpful spirits, business growth

Mugwort: divination, consecration, strength, protection

Mullein: protection, purification, divination, health, courage

Mustard: good luck, health, protection, fertility

Myrrh: protection, ward negativity, purification/consecration, Underworld, binding

Nettle: Elves, Fairies, consecration, restore balance, protection, life cycles

Nutmeg: prosperity, comfort, fertility, luck, meditation, induce sleep, protection

Nuts and cones: fertility, drawing wealth

Oak: wands; purification, money, health, fertility, the God

Oats: wealth, security, offering

Orange peel: love, good fortune, divination, money

Orris root: good companions, spirit communication, protection, divination

Parsley: purification, protection

Patchouli: money, fertility, protection, Earth, Underworld

Pepper: protection, ward negativity

Pine: purification, cleansing, money, courage

Rose: love, goodwill, attraction, cooperation, divination, psychic power

Rose geranium: protection, fertility, love, health, anoint censers

Rosemary: purification, blessing, protection, love, health, Elves, courage, mind

Rue: bless, consecration, protection, health, ward negative energy

Sage: protection, totem guides, wisdom, health, purification, artistic ability

St. John’s Wort: good health, willpower, enhanced creativity, banish negativity

Sandalwood: protection, ward negativity, spirit offering, third eye, past lives

Spikenard: luck, health, faithfulness, anoint sacred objects, Egyptian deities

Star anise: psychic power, good fortune

Sunflower: Elves, purification, consecrations, changes, bright prospects

Tansy: health, happiness

Thistle: protection, purification, breaking hexes

Thyme: ward negativity, courage, purification, healing, psychicness, swift action

Trefoil: Faerie, protection, luck

Vervain: love, wealth, creativity, purification, psychicness, ward psychic attack

Vetiver: love, money, ward negativity, exorcism, break hexes/hindrances

Willow: wands, divination, love, protection, the Goddess

Woodruff: remove barriers, protection, success, change, psychic ability, the God

Wormwood: evocation, psychic power, scrying, protection

Yarrow: divination, love, happy marriage, ward negativity, defense, protection