Correspondences for Stones - Appendix

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Correspondences for Stones

Agate: gain goals, health, energy, self-confidence, calm, strength, promote trust

Amber: manifestation, success, healing, love, strengthen/break a spell

Amethyst: cleansing, energizing, spirituality, intuition, relieve tension, psychic protection, meditation

Aquamarine: inspire thought process, good luck in tests and interviews

Aventurine: creativity, courage, calm, luck in physical activities, leadership, decision-making, curb pride or aloofness

Azurite: psychic development; healing, meditation; facing fears

Bloodstone: remove obstacles, enhance talent/courage/strength/integrity/vitality, purify the blood

Calcite: energy, remove blockages, clarity, cheer, healing, calm, manifest goals

Carnelian: career success, fast action, protection, motivation, self-confidence

Chalcedony: optimism, spiritual and artistic creativity

Charoite: cleansing aura, spiritual insight, transformative energy

Chrysocolla: balance, cleanse negativity, contentment, healing, prosperity

Chrysoprase: peace, meditation, clairvoyance, gain incentive

Citrine: success, clear thinking, protection, self-image/confidence, prosperity

Coral: calm, protect from illness, focus on positive thinking

Diamond: protection, avert unseen danger, heal emotions, strength, purity

Fluorite: intuition, meditation, gateway to Otherworld, dreams, past lives, aid intellect, heal energy drains in the aura, discernment, concentration

Garnet: swift action, self-esteem, energy, confidence, courage, love, devotion

Green garnet (grossular): health, prosperity/abundance, speed physical healing

Orange garnet (spessartine): creativity, optimism, manifest ideas, weight loss

Hematite: communication skills, balance/focus energy, reasoning, relationships

Herkimer diamond: relieve stress, power boost for crystals, psychic attunement

Howlite: meditation, tranquility, calms fear/anger, honesty

Iolite: psychic vision, break bad habits/addictions, relationships, end discord/debt

Iron pyrite: draw success/health/wealth/joy, intellect, creativity, psychic ability

Jade: harmony, friendship, good luck, protection, safe travel, longevity, money

Jasper: energy, protection, stress relief, safe astral travel, balance

Brown jasper: grounding, stability, soothes the nerves

Green jasper: healing, fertility

Red jasper: defense, deflect negative energy

Ocean jasper: counter depression, relaxation, calm, enjoyment of life

Jet: bind energy to a goal, balance, calm fears, protection

Kyanite: meditation, communication, visualization, altered states, serenity

Labradorite: magic, divination, psychic ability, protection, gateway to Underworld

Lapis lazuli: authority, power booster, aura cleanser, psychic development, mental balance, self-awareness, inner truth/wisdom, access universal knowledge

Lodestone: attraction, draw love/money, binding

Malachite: business success, remove obstacles, transformation, protection, joy

Moonstone: psychic ability, sensitivity, empathy, divination, love, comfort, peace

Obsidian: creativity, energy, protection, self-control, prophecy

Black obsidian: psychic protection, scrying stone, Underworld and Otherworld, spirit communication, healing, kindness, banish grief

Green obsidian: protect income, open financial opportunities

Snowflake obsidian: grounding, insight, purification, change, growth, deflect negative energy, perseverance

Rainbow obsidian: heal trauma, cleanse and align chakras

Onyx: strength, vigor, overcome fears/worries, balance, concentration, devotion, guidance through dreams/meditation

Black onyx: deal with emotions/frustration

Opal: self-confidence, communication, personal power, protection, psychic vision, meditation

Pearl: astral projection, focus, integrity, sincerity, protection, allay fears

Peridot: awareness, clairvoyance, cleansing, progress, protection, prosperity, ease stress, ward negative energy

Pumice: power, manifestation

Purpurite: remove barriers, recognize self-worth, increase spirituality, aid assets

Quartz crystal: store/focus/direct/transmit energy, psychic power, protection, divination, attain goals, cleanse aura, meditation, insight

Rose quartz: peace, love, comfort, companionship

Smoky quartz: disperse negative/draw positive energy, protection, purification, communicate with other worlds

Snowy quartz: meditation, serenity, peace, contemplation

Rhodonite: self-esteem, physical energy, self-actualization, service

Ruby: protect health/wealth, increase energy/creativity, self-confidence, intuition

Sapphire: wisdom, material gains, attract good influences, peace of mind, hope

Sardonyx: absorb negativity, purification, protection, strength, integrity

Seraphinite: astral travel, enlightenment, meditation, spirituality, weight loss

Sodalite: self-control, relief of stress, aid memory/sleep, blend intuition with logic

Sugilite: logic, business expertise, astral travel, manifestation, self-healing

Sunstone: energy, healing, success

Tiger eye: luck, motivation, protection, healing, self-confidence, stability, objectivity, harmony, grounding, instinctive/psychic ability, wisdom

Topaz: mental clarity, psychic ability, spirituality

Blue topaz: concentration, calming, clear communication, insight, leadership

Yellow topaz: manifest intentions, vitality, prosperity

Tourmaline: joy, love, balance, cleansing, divination, friendship, healing, beauty, grounding, protection, self-confidence, discernment, inspiration

Black tourmaline: direct restlessness into productivity, ground/absorb negativity

Blue tourmaline: clear speech, remove mental blocks, open the emotions

Green/black tourmaline: prosperity, deflect negative energies

Green tourmaline: set reasonable goals

Pink tourmaline: encourage creativity, free the personality

Watermelon tourmaline: encourage practical approach to manifesting ideas

Watermelon/pink Tourmaline: self-understanding

Turquoise: actualization, balance, communication, intuition, protection, meditation, purification, spirituality, strength, love, joy, health, sociability

Unakite: calm, healing, grounding, balance, stability, psychic vision