Mansions of The Moon - Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Mansions of The Moon
Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

1. ALNATH [Aries; Horns of Aries] 0Image to 12Image51; ruler GENIEL. Aries adds the energy of focus, intensity, and leadership.

Waxing: safe journey; travel; build energy (for structures and armies; today this could also be used for enhancing energy in any area, such as with teams and teamwork, initiating new projects, preparing for physical exertion, or increasing enthusiasm)

Waning: discord (creating instability for a rival in business or warfare; today this could be warded against to maintain stability); destroy a foe (political, romantic, and territorial rivals were popularly addressed with this; today this could relate to overcoming adversity, addiction, or opposition to plans, or even to a successful battle effort)

2. ALBOTAYN [Aries; Belly of Aries] 12Image51 to 25Image42; ruler ENEDIEL

Waxing: find treasure; retain captives (today this can be safeguarding an asset); reconcile with superiors (the displeasure of a prince or higher clergy could result in social ostracism, financial ruin, imprisonment, torture, and death; today this could be used to resolve tension in the workplace)

Waning: destroy buildings under construction; create arguments (all tactics for conquest; today these hostile energies could be warded against)

3. ATHORAY [Taurus; Showering of Pleiades] 25Image42 to 8Image34; ruler AMIXIEL. Taurus adds the energy of stability, reliability, stubbornness, and productivity.

Waxing: good fortune; safety for sailors; favorable hunts; helpful alchemy (early chemistry for making gold and finding the elixir of life; today this could relate to helpful connections and health, bringing these into secure manifestation); every good thing

Waning: overindulgence (derived from the waning lunar energy as a negative excess of every good thing coupled with the stubborn energy of the sign)

4. ALDEBARAN [Taurus; Eye of Taurus] 8Image34 to 21Image25; ruler AZARIEL

Waxing: favorable outcome in important things; seek substantial items (boons from the rulers; today it could be loans, mortgages, and grants)

Waning: discord, hindrance, revenge, enmity, separation (originally referring to separating lovers; it can also be seen as being apart due to military service, distance, disaffection between people, or a winnowing process of wheat from chaff, good from bad, new from old, or functional from worthless)

5. ALBACHAY [Taurus to Gemini; Head of Orion] 21Image25 to 4Image17; ruler GABRIEL.Gemini adds the energy of wit, versatility, perception, and rationality.

Waxing: gain favors; fun; health; scholarship; strong buildings; safe trips

Waning: destroy alliances or friendships (once mainly a political tactic to gain power; today this energy can be warded against to preserve friendships)

6. ALCHAYA [Gemini; Little Star of Great Light] 4Image17 to 17Image8; ruler DIRACHIEL

Waxing: love between two people; links; friendships; hunting (literally; today this could also be hunting for a job, partner, etc.); gain power (aspiration to tyranny in the past; today this could be for promotion or other advancement)

Waning: destroy business empires or cities or crops or health (a scorched earth approach to conquest, but today this energy can be channeled away or warded against); revenge (unethical due to karma and the energy returning)

7. ALARZACH [Gemini to Cancer; Arm of Gemini] 17Image8 to 0Image0; ruler SELHIEL

Waxing: acquisition; gains and favors; good travel; love; contacts

Waning: destruction of high offices; cooperation of flies (insects associated with plague, disease, death, and the devil, hence demonology in the past; today this could relate to a peaceful picnic or insect control)

8. ALNAZA [Cancer; Misty Clouds] 0Image0 to 12Image51; ruler AMNEDIEL. Cancer adds the energy of intuition, psychic awareness, introspection, and nurturing.

Waxing: love/friendship; companions; safe travel; battle victory

Waning: maltreatment of captives (reflecting vengeance; unethical today and could be warded against, especially in legal cases); control of mice (problem for the spread of disease, ruined harvests, and contaminated stored food; today this is still a problem)

9. ARCAPH [Cancer; Eye of the Lion] 12Image51 to 25Image42; ruler RAUBIEL

Waxing: self-defense; help others; empathy (meaning compassion), and abilities (being capable)

Waning: destroy harvest (scorched earth in warfare; today this could be warded against to protect a harvest of any kind, from crops to success); hinder travel (related to obstructing news, aid, or material success for a foe; today this energy could be warded against for smooth travel); create discord or infirmities (a war or vengeance tactic; today this could be warded against to maintain peace and health)

10. ALGEBH [Leo; Forehead of the Lion] 25Image42 to 8Image34; ruler ARDESIEL. Leo adds the energy of power, optimism, and vitality.

Waxing: love/benevolence; goodwill of allies; strengthen buildings (to withstanding assaults by siege engines; today this could relate to protecting against natural disasters)

Waning: destroy enemies (battlefield or political rivals; today this would be unethical even in warfare); ease childbirth; banish illness (the latter two are diminishing energies that yield positive results)

11. AZOBRA [Leo; Mane of the Lion] 8Image34 to 21Image25; ruler NECIEL

Waxing: voyages; retail gains (Italian princes were basically wealthy merchants; today this could be used to enhance sales for stores, shops, and corporations); release of captives (indicating a settlement or peace; today this could be used to gain freedom in any area of life); reverence (many of the higher clergy were sons of the nobility who retained the power of their class; today this could be used for personal spiritual development)

Waxing: attack; aggression; inspire fear (tactics used by the autocratic prince or cleric; today aggression could be applied to gaining ethical goals, while attack and fear could be warded against to maintain peace)

12. ALZARPHA [Leo; Tail of the Lion] 21Image25 to 4Image17; ruler ABDIZUEL. Virgo adds the energy of analysis, attention to detail, perfectionism, and service.

Waxing: prosperous harvest; start a building; improvements for those in service or labor (faithful duty to a more powerful person could lead to a better station in life; today this could be used for career promotion or pay increase)

Waning: hinder sailing (of rival merchant ships or enemy warships; today this could be warded against to ensure smooth sailing); loss of investment (for a social rival or business competitor, which would bring ruination; today this could be warded against to maintain finances or employment, or to not waste time and energy); separation (intended to break up couples; today this could be used to separate in relation to a winnowing process)

13. ALHAIRE [Virgo; Wings of Virgo] 4Image17 to 17Image8; ruler JAZERIEL

Waxing: increase trade/harvests; liberate captives (indicating a successful venture, whether diplomatic or paying a ransom; today this could be applied to other types of liberation, such as from an unpleasant situation); agreement in marriage (rare, when most were arranged for financial gain or family connections; today could be used for a peaceful home life); restore potency (high infant mortality rates required producing many children to have an heir; today this could be a return of health, influence, or career strength); gain, clever financial dealings (implying wise, not sly), and voyages

Waning: diminishing gains or status quo (derived from lunar and sign energy so that what has been gained could be lost or held in stasis due to a lack of attention to detail; today this could be warded against to preserve gains); clever financial dealings (lunar and sign energy imply sly, not wise; this could be restricted to avoid unethical and unstable financial gains, such as pyramid schemes)

14. AZIMETH [Virgo; Flying Spike] 17Image8 to 0Image0; ruler ERGEDIEL

Waxing: marital love; cure the sick; profitable sailing

Waning: destroy harvests; destroy desires (remove ambition from a political or financial rival, or prevent heirs to a rival political, merchant, or prominent family; today this could be warded against to maintain success and affection); hinder land journeys (mainly to obstruct news, inconvenience or ruin a rival; today this could be warded against to ensure travels go smoothly); divorce (used for political or personal gain; today this could be warded against to protect a marriage or used to help bring an unsatisfactory one to an agreeable end); separation

15. AGRAPHA [Libra: Covered or Covered Flying] 0Image0 to 12Image51; ruler ACHALIEL.Libra adds the energy of balance, harmony, affection, and indecision.

Waxing: extracting treasure (through trade, mining, or discovery even today); use or promote new opportunities through goodwill or friendship (alliances with powerful people were needed for self-advancement; today this could be used for networking and making influential contacts)

Waning: hinder travelers; promote divorce; promote discord; destroy houses (meaning entire families or heritages; today this could be warded against to keep families intact); destroy enemies

16. AZUBENE [Libra: Horns of Scorpio] 12Image51 to 25Image42; ruler AZERUEL

Waxing: liberation; universal friendship; opportunities; increase possessions

Waning: hinder journeys, trips, or wedlock (prevent a marriage that would give a rival a superior social/political position; today that energy can be warded against to ensure a hassle-free wedding day); hinder harvests or merchandise (of rivals or competitors; today this could be warded against to preserve efforts in business or other areas where rewards are reaped)

17. ALCHIL [Scorpio: Crown of Scorpio] 25Image42 to 8Image34; ruler ADRIEL. Scorpio adds the energy of order, transformation, passion, and suspicion.

Waxing: strengthen love; strengthen buildings; improve fortune; help sailors

Waning: drive away thieves/robbers (banishing energy with a positive result); seek redress (reduces the power one person has over another; this could be used for legal issues and court cases, or matters of reputation for a positive result for the petitioner)

18. ALCAB [Scorpio: Heart of Scorpio] 8Image34 to 21Image25; ruler EGRIBIEL

Waxing: victory over enemies; strengthen buildings; freedom; heal fevers and stomach pain (serious debilitating problems in medieval Europe; today this could be used for general good health)

Waning: discord; sedition; conspiracy (plots against influential people, lords, or lands; today these could be warded against to ensure safety and open communications or expose duplicity); destroy friendships (breaking of alliances; today this could be warded against to maintain friendships)

19. AXAULAH [Sagittarius: Tail of Scorpio] 21Image25 to 4Image17; ruler ANUCIEL. Sagittarius adds the energy of idealism, independence, education, and cheerfulness.

Waxing: military gains; capture fugitives (usually relating to adversaries; today this could be used to recapture escaped criminals); ease birth; start menses (this may have implied ending an inopportune pregnancy, perhaps with a potion; today this could be used for health issues)

Waning: destroy ships; ruination of captives (meaning no ransom, prisoner exchange, or release for those captured in battle, and possibly slavery, torture, or execution; today this could be warded against to preserve something that is not liked but necessary, such as a low-paying job)

20. ABNAHAYA [Sagittarius: Beam] 4Image17 to 17Image8; ruler KYHIEL

Waxing: tame animals; hunting; compel one to a place (having the authority to control people; today this could be unethical, unless the purpose is to protect someone from danger or disaster); fortify bondages (keep peasants tied to the land of their overlord; today this would be unethical, unless used to strengthen existing alliances or associations)

Waning: destroy social wealth (of a rival; today this could be warded against to preserve prosperity for a person, group, or nation); create arguments among friends (a tactic of divide and conquer; today this could be warded against to preserve friendships)

21. ALBELDA [Capricorn: Defeat] 17Image8 to 0Image0; ruler BETHNAEL

Waxing: strengthen buildings; good harvests, good travel, gains

Waning: cause divorce; destroy a person (reputation was easily lost with little more than an accusation of heresy or treason sending a person to prison or worse; today this could be warded against for self-preservation)

22. ZODEBOLUCH [Capricorn: A Pastor] 0Image0 to 12Image51; ruler GELIEL. Capricorn adds the energy of industry, discipline, materialism, and solitude.

Waxing: cure illness; useful and profitable partnership; putting on new clothes/jewelry (new attire and jewelry shows a rise in social status and gaining the favor with those in power; today this could be used for a change in life-style); escape captivity (such as with a knight getting free to rejoin his lord; today this could be used to combat unjustified or illegal imprisonment, or to find freedom from something distasteful)

Waning: discord between two people; broken engagement or enduring constant marital conflicts (used for political gain, vengeance, or personal gains; today this can be warded against to prevent upsets or bickering in relationships)

23. ZABADOLA [Capricorn; Swallowing] 12Image51 to 25Image42; ruler ZEQUIEL

Waxing: cure the ill; marriage; reveal secrets (expose plots or gain occult knowledge; today this could be used to make discoveries in various fields of science and technology or to expose deceptions); liberate captives (implies a successful military campaign; today this could be used to gain freedoms for individuals or groups)

Waning: destruction; laying waste (warfare tactic to force surrender in a siege; today this could be warded against to preserve property and finances); divorce

24. SADABATH [Aquarius; Star of Fortune] 25Image42 to 8Image34; ruler ABRINIEL. Aquarius adds the energy of individuality, inventiveness, eccentricity, and idealism.

Waxing: peace between couples; win war; increase trade/herds

Waning: gain power over enemies (this implies the negative energy of subterfuge or ruthlessness used against political or economic rivals; today this could be warded against to ensure fair play, or it could be used to end conflicts or enforce peace to bring about a positive outcome); hinder governance or rule (to destabilize a rival power or country; today this could be warded against to preserve a nation against its enemies, or used against tyranny)

25. SADALAHBIA [Aquarius; A Butterfly] 8Image34 to 21Image25; ruler AZIEL

Waxing: repair structures; protect trees/crops; destroy enemies; fast news (news was extremely slow and unreliable; today this could be used to hear from distant loved ones or to learn about events quickly)

Waning: divorce; revenge; besiege (a place or a person, as with relentless harassment with the intention of harm; today this could be warded against to maintain peace in any area of life); bind someone against their duty (blackmail or extortion; today this could be warded against to be unhindered in work or other responsibilities)

26. ALPHARG [Pisces; Spout of the Urn] 21Image25 to 4Image 17; ruler TAGRIEL. Pisces adds the energy of mysticism, sensitivity, imagination, and intuition.

Waxing: unity and goodwill of men; instigate love and favor

Waning: break barriers (forcing through enemy fortifications; today this could be used to destroy the barriers to achieving a goal, yielding positive results); destroy buildings and prisons (warfare and creating chaos with the escape of prisoners; today these can be warded against to protect structures)

27. ALCHARYA [Pisces; Lip of the Urn] 4Image17 to 17Image8; ruler ABLEMIEL

Waxing: increase harvest; increase income; increase gain; heal sick; psychic power (predictions were sought by leaders on matters of state; today this could be used to enhance personal psychic ability)

Waning: obstruct construction of buildings; endanger sailors; destroy springs, wells, baths, and medicinal waters (military tactic to poison an enemy’s water supply; today this could be warded against to maintain fresh waters); send mischief as desired (malicious harm to others for personal gain and power; today this could be warded against to maintain general well-being and good fortune)

28. ALBOTHAM [Aries: Belly of the Fish] 17Image8 to 0Image0; ruler ANUXIEL

Waxing: increase harvest; increase trade; safe travel; marital joy; gather in fish (a harvest of the sea; today this could be used for fishing success or for collecting support in a matter)

Waning: strengthen captivity (obstructing liberation; today this could warded against to let justice prevail); instigate loss of wealth or treasures (of political or economic rivals; today this could be warded to preserve finances, art, or property)