Esbats and Lunar Magic - Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Esbats and Lunar Magic
Lunar Magic Through The Zodiac

For magical purposes, the Waning New Moon occurs three days before the Dark Moon and the Waxing New Moon falls three days after the Dark Moon. While Esbat rituals are oriented to an aspect of the Goddess, in my rituals the God is also addressed, along with a request that positive mansion energy be added to the ritual, or protection provided against negative mansion energy that it may be transmuted into positive or deflected.

Invoking a different goddess for each lunar phase is common practice, with variations made in the colors of the three altar candles, incenses, and foods and beverages of Cakes and Wine. Examples are: Luna for the Maiden Moon, with green, white, and red candles, sandalwood incense, and a pale beverage paired with white bread; Isis for the Mother Moon, with blue, white, and orange candles, amber incense, and a pale beverage paired with multigrain bread; Cerridwen for the Crone Moon, with dark green, white, and dark red candles, dragon’s blood incense, and medium-dark to dark beverage paired with a medium-dark bread (rye); and Hecate for the Veiled Moon, with purple and black candles, patchouli incense, and a dark beverage paired with a dark bread (pumpernickel).

Magical works during the Blue Moon (second Full Moon in the same solar month) will have increased spiritual energy, while those during the Sidhe Moon (second Dark Moon in the same solar month) will have increased psychic energy. The Blood Moon is when the Full Moon is a russet or wine color, which adds dynamic energy-giving a jolt of power to magic for accomplishing a difficult task. Care must be taken, however, to control the energy to avoid aggression. Eclipses can be used to clear away obstacles to change and then bring matters to fulfillment. The lunar eclipse during the Full Moon shows all the faces of the Goddess, allowing for a full circle of magic from releasing the old to embracing the new to the accomplished change. Solar eclipses during the Dark Moon show the unity of the Goddess and the God, allowing for closure in a matter before the renewal of energy for a new beginning.

My Craft includes communication with the spirits and entities of nature and the Goddess and the God of nature. I work with the Elementals, use divination, interpret omens in daily life, and recognize that all are connected through the Divine Spirit in many worlds and realms. While the information I present is based on my experience and my personal practice, your experience and your practice is unique to you, so take what you like, set aside what you do not, and make such adjustments as your intuition directs.