Parting Words

Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting - Jason Miller 2012

Parting Words

Onward, ho!

I have provided a lot of information in this book on magic and even more on finances. Whereas you certainly can act on every suggestion in the book, most of you will not. That is as it should be. The instructions of any meaningful spiritual teaching are meant to be held in harmony with time, place, and person. In the case of finances you need to do some serious soul-searching to figure out what you want in life and what you are willing to do to attain it. It is easy to say you want 10 million dollars, but quite another to say that you are going to buckle down at work and start climbing the corporate ladder during the day while working another six hours every night on your Web-based business.

The books out there that evangelize entrepreneurial life and denigrate those who work for a wage lose sight of the fact that not everyone is cut out to be a business owner. If the thought of that much responsibility, extra work, and uncertainty terrifies you, there are other ways to make money. Similarly, not everyone is made to climb the corporate ladder to management. Some people want a job that does not require a lot of thought or effort. There is something to be said for a job you leave at 5 o’clock every day and don’t think about until you get in the next day. Some people value benefits and stability over money, and prefer to work in the public sector because of those values. Others value doing something that they love, like reading cards, and are willing to sacrifice both money and stability if it means doing what they love and only what they love.

The point of this book is not to turn you into a money-obsessed corporate worker or business owner. My aim in writing it was to get people in the magical and pagan community thinking seriously about their financial situation and how sorcery plays a part in it. Specifically I hope that you take away the following:

Image Money is not bad or unspiritual. You should bring it onto the path instead of treating it as something separate.

The gods, spirits, and angels are not there to run your life for you. If you support them, they will support you, but that does not mean that you should sit back and wait for them to tell you how to run your life. If you want something, you will need to go for it.

Image Practical sorcery is a type of life-hacking and works best when incorporated seamlessly into non-magical life-hacks.

Image If you want to change the world so that people with money use it more responsibly and for the common good, the best thing you can do is become a person with money and lead by example. What would the world look like if pagans and magicians were the 1 percent?

No matter what you take away and eventually act on, I wish you well. May the blessings of Jove be upon you and ever increase your health, wealth, and happiness.

Jason Miller,

Candlemas 2012