By Jove!

Financial Sorcery: Magical Strategies to Create Real and Lasting - Jason Miller 2012

By Jove!

In the previous chapter I made the case that Jupiter is not the only planet you should turn to when working financial sorcery. Nonetheless, Jupiter is an immensely important power in financial work—so much so that this chapter is focused specifically on Jupiter and an arcana of magic that comes from him.


Jupiter is not only the planet of wealth, accretion, prosperity, and wellness, but it is also the planet associated with sovereignty and the arts of kingship. When you boil it down, the goal of the financial sorcerer is to become the king of his domain, the sovereign ruler o Fmethi andf his own financial fate.

The word sovereignty dates from the 14th-century Old French word soverain, which in turn is believed to be derived from the Vulgar Latin superanus, meaning “one who is over or above.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it this way:

1: supreme excellence or an example of it;

2 a: supreme power especially over a body politic; or

b: freedom from external control.

The idea of sovereignty, then, is tied to the concepts of freedom and mastery.

Outwardly this is freedom from being ruled by others, and mastery of those parts of our world that we are responsible for: everything from actual property we own to deeds we perform. Inwardly this is freedom from being ruled by our own self-defeating habitual tendencies and mastery of our own wills. Secretly this is freedom from anything that obscures our true awareness and mastery of all that appears within its scope. The true financial sorcerer knows how to balance all of these aspects, and knows that none is more important than the other.

Those who seek only temporal power are hardly sovereigns or sorcerers. If money is the only thing you seek, becoming a banker or entrepreneur is a surer and more profitable path than magic. If power is what you seek, becoming a politician is a superior path to walk than sorcery. For the sorcerer there is no amount of money that is worth the wisdom of truth.

Those who seek only the rapture of divine union and quiescence of the mystic state are likewise not on our path. Such navel gazers lose the script for why they are even incarnated in the first place. To the sorcerer there is not much point in moments of primordial awareness if it does not carry over into the living levels of consciousness; no purpose to receiving the uncreated and clear light, if one cannot reflect it outward through world and deed; and no purpose in being a sovereign if you cannot leave the kingdom better than you found it.

For this reason, Jupiter, or Jove, embodies the type of being that the financial sorcerer hopes to become. It is for this reason that the planet Jupiter is most often associated with the supreme deity, or at least the most powerful deity of a pantheon, such as Zeus, Enlil, Dagda, Perun, Marduk, and, of course, Jehova.

It is also for this reason that a specialized seal of Jupiter adorns this book. Jupiter’s power is such that he shakes the very heavens, which is why Jupiterian invocations are associated with freak thunderstorms and lightning blasts. Go forth and invoke Jupiter into your life and learn to shake your own heavens!

Invocation to Jupiter

I received the seal of Jupiter that graces the cover of this book three years ago during an extended working in which I invoked the intelligence and spirit of each planet, and asked them to transmit a sigil to artist and seer Matthew Brownlee that would tap directly into the planetary essence, regardless of astrological aspect. These seals directly represent the movements of each planet. When I began this book, I invoked Jupiter and asked him to support the book and the activities of those who read it.


As part of my work with the Gentlemen for Jupiter, I put on a suit and tie, lift a glass of whiskey, and make a toast to Jupiter every Thursday at the appropriate planetary hour. After starting the book, I decided to write a specific invocation that I could share with my readers:

O Supreme Sovereign

O Gracious Governor

Whose laughter unleashes lightning and life itself!

Who bestows bounty both boundless and blessed!

To you, I raise this glass and toast HAIL JOVE!

Hail to you who actualizes affluence.

Hail to you who is merciful in magnanimity!

Enhance my empire,

Open opportunity,

Activate my angels,

Protect me from the profane,

Favor me with fortune,

And grant me your grace.

Hail Jove!

The Jove Chant

After this invocation is performed you can chant the phrase Iovis Optimus Maximus (“Jove most great and most powerful”) over and over. As you do so, see the words circling your heart. As they spin they throw off bolts of lightning. Feel the powers of Jupiter build within you and around you like a whirlwind storm. This is a chant specifically to build power and the presence of Jupiterian grace. It is not something to be silently meditated upon, but a chanted in increasing volume.

The Four Goddesses

One evening a few weeks after writing the Jove invocation, after my toast invocation on the day and hour of Jupiter I had a strong vision:

Jupiter appeared in his traditional Roman form as a bearded man seated on a throne holding a lightning spear. I asked that he aid me in assisting others, and he silently stretched out his hand and gave me four coins. On each coin was a different goddess. When I took the four coins I suddenly found myself on Jupiter’s throne, as Jupiter, surrounded by the four goddesses at the cardinal points around me inside ritual gates, forming a mandala around me that was not unlike the planetary seal of Jupiter from Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy (right).


The goddesses presented themselves to me in turn, laid a wreath upon my head, and raised a glass of nectar to my lips. As each goddess laid her hands upon me I felt a rush of empowerment. With each sip of nectar I felt a power rise up through my central channel and envelop me in bliss.

The first goddess was Victoria—the embodiment of Victory and Triumph.

The second was Libertas—the embodiment of Liberty.

The third was Concordia—the embodiment of Harmony.

The fourth was Abundanta—the embodiment of Abundance and Prosperity.

After telling a friend about the vision, he confirmed for me that all four of these goddesses did in fact appear on Roman coins at one time or another.

The other striking thing about the vision is that the function of these four goddesses closely matches the four karma actions that one might find in a Tibetan mandala where a central figure is surrounded by four supreme sons or youthful dakinis that represent the four magical actions (’phrin-las bzhi) of the Tibetan Tantric systems. These are:

Image Paushtika-karma, for increase or abundance, in our case represented by Abundantia

Image Vashya-karma, or enchanting magic, represented here by Concordia

Image Raudra-karma, or wrathful action, represented here by Victoria

Image Shantika-karma, or pacifying action, which can be represented by Libertas (although it K(alckquis not an exact match)

When you wish to invoke the extra powers of the goddesses you perform the invocation to Jupiter and add the following:

Jove, send me the graces of the Goddesses of the four gates.

Victoria, overcome my competition

and conquer my crossed conditions.

Libertas, grant me financial freedom

and free me from fear and force of habit.

Concordia, grant harmony and healing

and smooth interactions with those around me.

Abundantia, grant me prosperity

and the bounty of your cornucopia!

You four goddesses take your places!

Surround me with the splendor of Sovereignty

And pour upon me the nectar of your grace.


To perform the invocations you can time your rite to the day and hour of Jupiter. There are two ways of determining when this is. The first system, and the one that most people use, considers Thursday the day of Jupiter, as I have already mentioned. Determining the hour of Jupiter for any given day is trickier. For one thing, a planetary hour is not 60 minutes, unless it is on an equinox. To determine the length of the planetary hour, divide the time between sunrise and sunset by 12. Each segment is one “hour.” The first hour of every day after sunrise is always the hour of the planet whose day it is; in other words, the first hour after sunrise on Thursday is the hour of Jupiter. You then follow the Chaldean order and repeat again and again; in this case it would run: Jupiter, Saturn, moon, Mercury, Venus, sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and so on. The night continues the cycle; only the length of the hour changes because the length of time between sunset and sunrise will be different. If all this seems too complicated for you, go online and Google “planetary hour calculator.” Plug in your city and you are good to go!

The other system, extolled in the Book of Abramelin, an influential grimoire from the 14th century written by Abraham of Worms, considers any time that Jupiter is above the horizon to be the day of Jupiter, and any time that Jupiter is directly overhead to be the “hour” of Jupiter. This is the system I like best, and again, technology helps a great deal: If you have a smart phone, just download Google Sky and take a scan. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Once you have the time and the seal, simply stare for a few moments at the seal. Reach mentally through the seal to the powers of Jupiter. The series of seals that this comes from were designed to be direct portals to the powers that bypass most of the other influences that one may encounter. Once you feel you have a lock on it, raise a glass of whiskey or the drink of your choice (not water!) to Jupiter and consume yourself with prayer and devotion as you invoke.

The Lightning Glyphs of Jupiter

After performing the preceding invocations several times I asked Jupiter to transmit further arcana to assist in people’s financial work. I received the strong feeling that instead of working alone, I should again work with Matthew, the seer and artist who designed the aforementioned Jupiter seal.

I invoked Jupiter and asked him to transmit seals that would be of use in financial sorcery, specifically geared toward working in our modern age. What followed were 16 flashes of spirit. I felt them as lightning flashes, each with a specific purpose. As the meaning and purpose of each arose in my mindstream, the corresponding image arose in the mind of Mr. Brownlee. Throughout the course of th K coly overhe next few hours we recorded the 16 glyphs you see here.

Precisely how you use the glyphs is up to you. Although I give suggestions in the following section, you should not limit yourself. The only rules I would prescribe are to treat the glyphs, and any surface that you inscribe them on, as sacred. Treat them as living things.

For Drawing Money

This is the most basic level of money magic. If you need a specific sum of money, draw this sigil on a piece of paper and list the amount on the circle. Pray to Jupiter that he grant your request, and when he does, bury the sigil in your yard or in the wilderness somewhere near you. Be sure to thank Jove profusely and make his work known to others.

Apart from being the most basic, this is also the only glyph that did not appear in one continuous line.


For Entrepreneurial Work

The concerns of starting your own business are quite different from those of other types of work. Problems can be much more delicate. You can grow too fast for your model, and your home business can interrupt your day job. There are a lot of intricacies.


Consecrate the glyph, using the invocation given earlier in this chapter or another method of your choosing, and place it at the center of your business activity. It can be your store. It can be your home office. It can be an envelope where you keep your paperwork. Wherever it is placed, leave it there unless you need something specific. When you do pray to Jupiter, address your need to the seal.

For Holding on to Money

Money-drawing is great, but holding on to it is just as important. Inscribe this glyph on a three-pronged or two-pronged sassafras leaf. Keep it in your wallet with you to curb spending.


You can also inscribe it on the corner of every statement you get from your retirement fund to help guard against losses in your portfolio.

For Finding a Job

The job finder is like a waving flag that announces your need for a job. It not only attracts potential work, but also makes sure that it is the correct work for your life.


When looking for work, trace this sigil in the air and see it burning in blue flame. Pray to Jupiter and request that the sigil infuse your resumes, cover letters, and anything else you can think of. Carry the seal with you on job interviews and wherever you may be networking with people who might offer you employment.

For Steady Work

In this economy no one’s job is completely safe. Inscribe and consecrate this glyph and keep it in your office, cubicle, or desk.


For Promotion

The upward thrust of the lines on this glyph are meant to constantly help elevate you to newer and better positions, be it a traditional promotion at work, a bump in your normal asking price for freelance work, or a large, sudden jump in market share for your own business.


Inscribe it on a brass triangle and wear it around your neck when seeking a promotion.

For Financial Discipline

From cutting up your credit cards and killing debt to forcing yourself to K yoize="4">Finvest that $1,000 a month into a Roth IRA, financial sorcery can take an enormous amount of willpower. When the money-holding glyph is not enough, this glyph of self-binding will probably do the trick.


Warning: this glyph operates by binding you to your plan by whatever means necessary. The more you resist, the worse it will be. If you resist the nagging feelings and mental reminders, events will transpire that will institute that discipline for you. It’s hard to waste money shopping when you have a broken leg. Use with care.

For Sweetening Relations

Very often the thing that is needed to land a job, get a promotion, or just get some extra cash is not a working directed straight at that aim, but a working aimed at improving relations between people. From interacting with your difficult boss to arranging a merger, money is intimately connected with people.


For Dominating Relations

If sweetening is not enough, or simply not appropriate, this glyph will help you influence a person or situation more directly. Take a business card or a picture of your target and draw this glyph over it. As you do, consider that the zig-zag lines bind the limbs of your target and the swirl at the top casts your influence over the senses and speech. At night place the seal in a box with your commands written around the inside walls so that it completely surrounds the person you wish to influence.


Remember that no matter how strong the spell, magic is only one of many influences on any person.

For Legal Matters

Use this glyph to smooth out any kind of legal matters you come across in your work, such as gaining permits for your building, incorporating, giving depositions, and so on.


Inscribe this seal on a candle representing the judge. Use it along with the glyphs for sweetening or dominance as needed.

For Protection From the Law

You might be thinking that this glyph is for drug dealers, gangsters, or other flagrant criminals, but that is not who this glyph was made for. When you consider the amount of legal businesses that begin as black-market operations, it is easy to see how important a glyph like this can be.


Even major corporations sometimes have quasilegal aspects to their operation—For example, I once worked for a large and legal VOIP company here in the states that may or may not have been operating in Pakistan against that country’s telecomunications laws.

For Defeating Competition

It doesn’t have to be ugly. It doesn’t have to be vicious. Competition is just a reality of the world. In finance, if you extend a “harm none” attitude too far, you will get clobbered. Every promotion that you get is one that someone else doesn’t. Every time you increase your business, someone else likely suffers.


This glyph can be used directly on specific competitors in a similar way to how you use the dominating glyph, or it can simply be used on yourself to drive off and defeat all competition in a general way.

For Viral Marketing

This glyph is all about creating buzz. It is al Kuzzr doso designed to work specifically in digital formats, affecting copies of anything on which it is placed.


Creating a master copy of a product (or resume) that is marked with this glyph will set incalculable numbers of wheels in motion. It can also be combined with other glyphs in order to fine-tune the message. This is the first glyph of this set that I ever employed personally, and I can attest to its potency and speed.

For Intelligence Gathering

This is the information age. Whether you are looking for information about an investment, trying to anticipate sales, or trading in information itself, this sigil goes out into the world and helps bring the right info back to you.


This sigil seems to work best when visualized and released rather than inscribed on a substance.

For Reversing Bad Luck

In every disaster there is opportunity. In every misfortune, there is a fortune to be made. This glyph does not just help make the most out of a bad situation; it flips that situation around and spanks its bottom!


Lost your house? Time to blow through your debt while you live at your parents’ house rent-free!

Stock market crash? That’s just a sale on investments!

Job crisis? Time to start a resume-writing business!

Foreclosure crisis? Someone has to serve papers and care for the properties.

It is not always pretty, but this sigil will help you find the opportunity that you have been missing, amidst the disaster that just happened.

For Pure Luck

This seal is for when you need the universe to smile upon you. Inscribe this seal in gold ink on a piece of white card and keep it over your heart.


Do not be greedy or tempted to use it all the time. The more you use it the less powerful it will be for you. Keep it for special occasions when either certain things need to happen just right in order for you to succeed, or you just have no idea what the next move is and you need a little luck.

References and Resources

Planetary Hour Calculator: Website for calculating planetary hours. Just put in your location and it will give you the correct time.

Google Sky: Google sky is an android app that will show you where all planets and stars are in relation to your location. If you want to work with Jupiter right overhead, this is the app that will tell you when that occurs.