Star Beings and Starry Princess - Llyn - The Hidden Folk and the Spirit of the Land and Star Beings and Starry Princess

Speaking with Nature: Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth - Sandra Ingerman, Llyn Roberts 2015

Star Beings and Starry Princess - Llyn
The Hidden Folk and the Spirit of the Land and Star Beings and Starry Princess

Sandra writes beautifully about the spirit of the land and the Hidden Folk. I laughed when I read about her mischievous garden helper. Through Sandra’s writings I could see her New Mexico garden, desert, mountains, and all of our lands come alive with playful beings that invite us to co-create with them.

Tales of the land’s hidden forces are found in all cultures. For instance, I traveled with a group recently to a humble village at the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The elder we work with who lives there, Tata Pedro Cruz Garcia, spoke about diminutive nonhuman people. The individuals I was with assumed the grandfather saw beings we didn’t because the man lived simply and sacredly in a place where the veils that separate the spiritual from material reality are thin. Lake Atitlan is a portal to other dimensions.

Certainly we all felt the power at Atitlan. After a few days many of us felt our bodies slightly rock as if to a secret pulse. The sway made me dizzy. Given that volcanoes surround the lake, whose depths are unknown, I was convinced the earth was moving beneath our feet. Yet there was no tangible movement. The wobble was not physical. Had we stayed longer we would perhaps have started to see little people.


It’s exciting to be in exotic parts of the world having such experiences, but we don’t have to travel to part the veils. Sandra mentions that nature spirits were visible to us when we were children; we’ve all heard of children in contemporary settings who have invisible friends.

When I was young I spoke with beings from a far part of the universe. Though I couldn’t see the beings, I felt them. A soft charge in the air, a cared-for feeling, and sometimes, musical tones in my ear or telepathic words told me the Star Beings were near. They were from a world I couldn’t remember, a home beyond Earth. The sense of belonging I felt with my stellar family told me it was real.

There were times when I pressed the people of the stars with questions:

“How can you be so far away, yet with me at the same time?”

“Does the universe really go on forever?”

“Why can’t I see you, and why am I on Earth without you?”

I wanted to figure it all out.

My star friends’ responses were simple: “You cannot know everything with your mind.”

I would sigh and come back to the wonder of stars and my love for my invisible family.

Sandra writes that opening to hidden parts of reality helps us develop a rich inner landscape and enhances how we perceive. Likewise, Star Beings invite us to feel our way to expanded reality. There are countless ways to cultivate this; one is to be with night as it turns to day—at dawn.

On Guatemalan journeys our group rises before dawn to join our Mayan elder Tata Pedro and his shaman wife, Nana Shumatla Fenix. We stand together silently in the chilly air, listening to the water lap and to other natural sounds in the darkness. Night gradually thins as dark births light; dogs bark and roosters crow, sun rays paint the sky in violet streaks, the air gets warmer, fish leap from the water, hummingbirds flit and dip long beaks into fragile white blossoms. The liquid abyss before us is illuminated, and glowing mists swoon over Lake Atitlan. The sunrise ignites us. Gradually human sounds—voices, cars, radios, and clatter—break the day and our reverie. In our opened state we embrace it all.

The threshold time of sunset is equally potent.

Recall being outside, sniffing dusk scents and watching stars come out. Take time to really remember this.

Scientists say there is an unending expanse of galaxies in an infinite world of universes, that Earth is a tiny planet amidst vast realities. How could we be all alone?

Star People invite us to ponder this and to boldly feel our way to truth, not merely intellectualize about the true nature of our reality or take someone else’s word for it.

“Dare to let go,” they seem to say. “As a guileless child, sense the life all around, including us; we share with you in a multidimensional expanse of universes.”

Just as Sandra encourages us to create with the Hidden Folk and the spirits of the land, star families coax us to explore a fresh reality design during changing times on planet Earth.

Stars provide a looking glass for where we came from and who we are. The Eldar Wood Elf, Tauriel, a character in the film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s book, expresses it beautifully: “All light is sacred to the Eldar, but Wood Elves love best the light of the stars.”

Tauriel’s admirer, the Dwarf Kili, responds, “I always thought it is a cold light, remote and far away.”

Her look shows her surprise as Tauriel replies: “It is memory, precious and pure.”

Many of the contemporary myths being brought to film reflect what we are now trying to remember. Perhaps Star Beings are the light in us we’ve forgotten or projected out, just as angels, avatars, saints, and ascended masters are light-filled figures who feel separate from us and distant. Nature spirits, also nonmaterial, reflect the magic and possibility we have forgotten, yet which is inherent to all life on Earth, including us.

As we go deeply into nature, we will remember who we really are. We will bridge the gap between us and the transcendent. Star wisdom tells us we don’t have to be feral to love the Earth, and we don’t need to act like angels to be light.

In fact, you may have noticed that the more you seek light, the more your wounds and blocks seem to trip you up and get in your face. They want you to know that they are light, too.

All of it—what we perceive as light and the light in us, and also the hidden shadow of ourselves and our societies—comes home to us now. All is one with the light of Source. It’s blissful to rejoin with the light of joy, harmony, connection, and love. It’s usually more difficult to welcome the light of fear, grief, suffering, loss, separation, and anger, as these bring a different ecstasy. Yet it is in wholeness that we shine.

Don’t ever think that you or your circumstances are not worthy. Always look for that light and feel it—just as you are. Starry sisters and brothers remind us, “If the dark is intense, illumined it will be truly powerful.” As we nourish our wounded aspects, we reclaim the life force they protect.

This helps me so much as I grapple with my own shortcomings and what I feel forlorn about in the world. Mayan teachings say we have to know the dark to know the light; we must descend to the lower world before we can rise to the upper world. Similarly, my artist son Eben explains to me that the role of a “dark artist” is to reflect to society aspects of life we don’t want to look at, such as poverty and suffering. What is difficult for us, we often ignore. All indigenous cultures I have worked with include the darker, more challenging aspects of the human journey as one with the luminous whole. Rugs woven by Navajo peoples include a flaw in the weave as a reminder that humans are not perfect. Just as in nature it’s impossible to mark the line between night and day, as we find ways to love our wounded aspects, we blur the separation between ourselves and the other, transforming our views of and our relationship to suffering around us. From this some good may come.

What do stars have to do with Earth?

Stars and space are also nature, and everything on Earth is made of stardust. Organic particles and moisture from a distant part of the universe may have seeded life on our planet. Perhaps we migrated here from other galactic homes.

The idea that we came from elsewhere reflects the cosmologies of diverse indigenous groups.

Many say we have exchanged with sky beings since people started showing up on this planet.

Among those is an almost-extinct tribe from the Amazon Rain Forest known as the Uru-eu-wau-wau, “People of the Stars,” who claim the Pleiades as their home. My Brazilian friend Ipupiara was one of these remaining tribal members.

Ipupiara shared with me the Uru-eu-wau-wau legend, which says their Princess had visions of a small planet named Earth whose people were doomed unless they changed their ways. The compassionate star nation sent a convoy to help the wayward species.

John Perkins writes in his book Shapeshifting that the chosen emissaries—including the Princess—were transformed into spheres of pure energy and sent into the darkness of space. The light orbs were drawn to the dense forests of the Amazon.

I visited a remote Amazon tribe over a period of many years with John. Shuar members spoke to us about spheres of light that frequented their night skies.

Curiously, when I gifted a cherub faced shaman woman named Anga in Hakassia, Siberia, with a Shuar seed necklace from a world away in the Amazon Basin, tears brimmed the rugged woman’s eyes. I was stunned to hear Anga say, “I travel through the rain forest all the time as a ball of light. I have never been there in this physical body, but I know the rain forest is my true home.”

Orbs often appear in photographs participants take at shamanic events. Many globes contain elaborate patterns. Several years ago orbs with fantastic designs showed up in a night photo taken of my son, Eben. Are the light patterns inside these spheres a sort of communication, an energy language? Are the balls of light actually us, or perhaps beings from other worlds?

A lot of orbs are being seen and documented these days, far from the Amazon. They have appeared to me in broad daylight. Many photographer aficionados feel the glowing spheres want us to see them.

We are not who we’ve been conditioned to think we are, and we are not alone. It’s time to know about life beyond our own. Yet I don’t feel as some do that humanity is ready to dissolve into formlessness or that “higher” beings can save us from ourselves. Star friends reflect who we are and inspire us to embody the starlight that is within us. They unleash the quantum potential hidden within us and within the Earth from our starry inception. Opening to them will help us understand our role in the cosmic scheme of things and see a healthy planet synonymous to life.

Why did the Pleiadian Princess and her light emissaries aim for the jungle when they came to Earth? Forests, the breath of our planet, also breathe water. Trees absorb and release water, and rain forests are amazing water engineers. For example, in the Hoh River Valley in the largest temperate rain forest in the world, up to fourteen feet of water a year tap dances on evergreens and trickles down their grooved bark. Thick mosses and other alive and decaying plants soak up the deluge like sponges. Riverbanks swell to handle heavy downfalls, just as our watery lungs expand with air. The river also breathes through its gravel bars—moving rivers of rock that sift water through stone and sand. The Hoh Forest and its river canyon breathe and manage water so efficiently that I can nap under trees when it’s pouring, and the river can gush to torrents one day, then dramatically recede the next.

Watershed ecosystems have an astonishing intelligence. Just as fluids facilitate electrical brain impulse, imagine that water breathing through rivers, forests, and trees carrying natural electrical forces.

Foresters will tell you that the majority of a tree is dead; only the outer cambium layer, which bears love to eat, is alive.

Have you ever felt a sense of loss after cutting your hair, as if a part of you had gone missing? It’s interesting that our hair grows, yet we also regard it as dead. Something in us knows our tresses are more than dead cells. Shamanic belief is that hair channels energy, life force. Indigenous tribes associate hair with spiritual power, strength, even tracking skills; individual hairs are spiritual antennae.

Trees respond in the same way. Every bit of a tree is part of a vibrant physical and spiritual system. Its branches and the tree itself are spiritual antenna; light and information from Earth and the cosmos course through it. These forces pour out with the tons of water trees release and through rivers and other water bodies.

We humans are also composed of water, and we are conduits for the informational light passing between Earth and the cosmos.

Star People encourage: “The light in the sun and stars is one with the conscious light of Earth and you. With toes and fingers luxuriate in the Earth’s luminous mud and soil. Lie belly to your Mother, and sniff starlight—her sweet scent. Never again will you wonder who you are.”

As we remember the whole of us, just as trees release cosmic light through watering, we release spiritual light through our own watering—by being and offering to life all that we are.

Image Practice

Star Beings tell us there is no need to look elsewhere or aim for the stars, because starry influence is here and now. Listening to music you love, doing what deeply moves you, and being in nature musing with light orbs, faeries, stars, trees, and elves, or other little people brings the glow back into life. This meditation can invite the Starry Princess to help us remember the light—our own and that of the Earth.

Choose a space inside or outside where you will not be disturbed. Do some gentle stretching; unwind. Then settle into either a lying or sitting position and close your eyes.

Take a deep, cleansing breath.

Take another long, refreshing breath.

In your mind’s eye picture glowing balls of light, emissaries from a starry world floating through the night sky toward earthly folks who have forgotten their own starry relations.

Take a few moments to really see or sense the radiant orbs.

Envision the Starry Princess among these light emissaries, a magical glowing sphere.

Imagine looking at the designs in the sphere that is the Pleiadian Princess.

What do you see? What do you feel?

Take some time to tune in to her language of light; listen to the Princess with your whole being. Open your heart.

You may hear or see something, or nothing.

Most importantly—feel. The Princess is a light vibration your wisdom body knows.

Sense the luminous feminine. What does she share?

Settle your heart, feel her presence. Relax as the Princess reflects your essence to you.

Hold your hands out in front of you, palms open and level to your face as if gazing into a mirror. See your face reflected in the looking glass of your hands. Gaze at your palms, at your reflection. Now allow the image of you to transform into the golden sun, your solar system’s star. Take your time and make this real for you. Sense the sunlight and warmth on your palms and face. Then when you are ready, feel or say the following, guided by the Princess:

“No matter how I see myself, or how others view me, or what beautiful or tragic life stories play out on this Earth walk, I am pure light, like our golden sun.”

Continue to see your image in your palm mirror as a radiant sun. Breathe in the warm life glow of you, your light. You are an ego persona, and there is no problem with that. You are also so much more.

Take all the time you like.

When ready, gently let the sun’s image fade, still gazing at your palms.

The Princess continues, “Now look into your palm mirror to watch the events of daily life. Notice what you see.”

Then consider the following, guided by the Princess: “No matter what plays out in life or how I feel about it, everything is light—a compassionate brilliance that has long been forgotten but now wills itself to be seen and experienced.”

Take your time to gain a sense of the radiant weave that is always there, and see life’s reflection become less solid. See that the dream we know as “daily life” can change at any time.

The mundane world we engage every day as we relate with our families, jobs, and communities is fine, just as it is, and we can also awaken to see it as a vivid and fluid dream that invites us to go more deeply into each moment to unravel who we really are.

Take all the time you like with these experiences and reflections.

When you eventually want to transition from your time with the Starry Princess, simply allow the focus to fade, but stay with the feeling of being with the Princess, a living force of love. Relax fully with these sensations and breathe with what you feel.

Continue to simply breathe and feel.

Now imagine balls of light from the Pleiades, a Princess among them, disappearing into the canopy of dense forest and blending with the living force of trees.

As the last glowing sphere dissolves among the treetops, you sense and hear a voice. The melodic whisper warms your heart like liquid gold.

“Just as your old-growth trees carry the genetic memory of old forests, trees carry the original memory of your species, seeded from stars.”

The Star Princess concludes, “Take from the Earth no more than you need and give back to her all that you can. Respect, love, and journey deeply with nature for there you will find me—radiant feminine, stars, and nature spirits—in the Earth, in your trees, in you.”

Nature is calling you home.