How to Work with Omens - Appendix

Speaking with Nature: Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth - Sandra Ingerman, Llyn Roberts 2015

How to Work with Omens

Native traditions hold that everything in nature is alive and interacts with us. Nature communicates with us by showing us omens and signs.

Physics uses the term “unified field” to describe a state of oneness. In indigenous cultures the term for this is the “web of life.” We are connected to one universal force, and we are part of nature. The universe shows us signposts that lead us to make healthy and wise decisions so we can flow gracefully with the river of life. These signposts are offered to us in nature and in urban areas. The key is raising our awareness to the daily messages we are being given.

In Speaking with Nature we have included practices for you to do in nature. A wonderful practice to add is working with the omens and signposts that nature shares with you.

As you work with the practices, you might find yourself holding questions about what your next step in life should be. If you pay attention, you will see signs to light your path as you take your next steps. In spiritual traditions these signs are also called omens. You might say the universe is laying down breadcrumbs for you to follow. You are being led to receive guidance in ways that are beyond your logical understanding.


As you walk in nature or even travel to work, you might see the appearance of an animal whose qualities provide an answer to a question you have been pondering. You might notice the forms of the clouds in the sky presenting a metaphorical response.

After meeting a complete stranger or having had a random conversation, you may realize you have received an answer to a question or problem that has been troubling you.

Sometimes you’ll receive a sign while listening to the words of a song playing on the radio while you are pondering a question. While focusing on an issue in life, a bus may drive by with an advertisement posted on the side featuring words that hold a solution or share an inspirational phrase you needed to read in that moment. You might be skimming the pages of a book and gaze upon the perfect sentence or paragraph that provides you with an answer or the inspiration you need.

You might wonder if the omens you receive are an answer to a question or a coincidence. Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

In the 1980s I found myself going through a challenging time. One day I spoke a prayer out loud to the universe. I said, “Please show me obvious signs I can follow.” I felt that I’d made a series of bad choices, and I was looking for a more graceful way to live my life.

From that day forth I have found that as long as I pay attention, life gives me all the omens and signs I need to make healthy choices. Of course the key is to heighten my senses, look around me, and listen deeply to the messages I receive.

We can all reflect on a past event when we realized we ignored signs we were given. We might have decided to ignore the information we were shown, or we just were not aware enough to see or hear the guidance given. Many of us go through life asleep, living in a collective trance created by so much outer stimulation in our lives.

We don’t always realize that the help and guidance we need is being shown to us. We are not awake to the signs appearing throughout the day. Our minds are often too busy and distracted to notice what the universe is revealing to us for our highest good.

A good way to start your practice of watching and listening for omens and signs is by walking in nature. Before your walk think about a question you have where you could use some guidance. You might be considering making a decision that will have a big impact on your life. Think about this and hold the intention that you wish to be shown a sign that will lead you forward to your next steps.

As you walk allow the beauty of nature to quiet your mind. Just be observant. Or you might find a beautiful place to sit and be still while opening up your sensory awareness. Take some deep breaths. Notice if there are cloud formations in the sky that might provide insight for you. Observe the animals, birds, insects, or other nature beings whose qualities or behavior might provide an answer you are seeking. A bird or an insect might land on or by you, or an animal such as a squirrel, fox, or deer might come close and stand or sit by you for an unusual amount of time. If you are sitting by the ocean, you might notice a school of dolphins jumping or a group of whales breaching in the distance. Their appearance might be a sign. An eagle or a hawk might circle overhead, or ravens might caw in respect as you perform a ceremony, pray, and leave offerings to honor nature and the land, signifying that your prayers have been heard. Notice if the shape of a rock in the landscape reveals an answer or guidance. You might even hear a message carried to you by running water or the wind. Use your imagination, and heighten your level of awareness. Open your heart, and feel the message a nature being is sharing with you.

When you come to a decision about a change you are planning to make, take a walk and ask for a sign of confirmation. As you focus on your new decision, a breeze might come out of nowhere that feels like it is whispering “yes” to you. A beautiful butterfly might come along and land on your hand as you imagine making a change. You might notice that the sky is thick with clouds, and when you think about a new life choice, the clouds part and beams of sunlight shine on you. Suddenly a rainbow might appear in the distance, affirming a decision you have made. A light rain that falls for just a minute might bless you. As you pass a tree while considering a life change, the leaves might rustle in a way that feels like an affirmation. You might look down and find a rock in the shape of a heart at your feet. With this way of working, you must trust your intuition as nature responds to you.

Be persistent and be willing to practice. At first you might not be aware of any omens. Have patience and take time to awaken to the signposts nature provides. Keep holding your intention while you continue to walk and spend time in nature. Hold your intention as you travel to and from work or while doing errands.

At home, work, or school, let your intuition lead you to a book on a bookshelf. Simply open to a page. Read the page, and reflect on a message it might contain.

Notice if you end up having synchronistic meetings with old friends or strangers where what seems like a random conversation holds great wisdom that inspires and assists you in some way.

As you do this more and more, you will notice that your path ahead is being lit to show you the way. When you open your awareness to how the universe participates in your healing, growth, and evolution, life takes on a deeper meaning. You might find yourself desiring to spend more time focusing on signs being shown to you. As you do this you will experience a new sense of joy and magical connection with life.