Haws/Hawthorn Berries - In the Garden - October

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

Haws/Hawthorn Berries
In the Garden

*Also known as pixie paws

Commonly known as haws, hawthorn berries ripen at this time year. These oval, red berries were used medicinally by the ancient Greeks but seemed to fall out of favor until the nineteenth century in England. In “May,” we learned what to do with the leaves and blossoms. Refer to that chapter for more details about the hawthorn tree. Let’s see what magic we can do with the fruit.

Place a white candle on your altar and surround the base of it with a ring of haws to aid in fertility spells. Also called pixie paws, haws are instrumental in attracting pixies, fairies, and other nature spirits to a garden. Place a few on your outdoor altar along with a trinket for them. Line a kitchen windowsill with haws to attract prosperity. Also, this fruit can be used in spells for defensive magic and to repel negativity. Lay out a group of haws in the pattern of the ogham Huath or the rune Othila to call on the energy of the hawthorn.



Figure 35. The Hawthorn tree is associated with the

ogham Huath (left) and the rune Othila (right).