Jasmine - In the Garden - November

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the Garden

Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum)

*Also known as yellow jasmine

Winter jasmine is a scrambling, spreading shrub that grows about four feet tall. Its arching branches take root where they touch the ground. Jasmine is often grown on a trellis. The bright yellow, tubular flowers have six petals and grow along the branches from November to March. Small leaves develop in the early spring. The species name, nudiflorum, comes from Latin, meaning “naked flower,” in reference to the stems that remain bare of leaves when the plant is in bloom.112

Winter jasmine is easy to confuse with forsythia when they are both in bloom in the early spring; however, jasmine’s flowers last several months whereas forsythia’s are gone within two weeks. Unlike its white-flowered cousin, which is often referred to as summer jasmine (J. grandiflorum), winter jasmine is not fragrant.

Use jasmine flowers to boost defensive magic, enhance divination, and aid in contact with the spirit realm. Make a sachet of dried flowers for protection during dream work, channeling, or astral travel. The flowers will also enhance the depth of your dreams. Drape several trailing branches over your altar to help manifest desires. Place a small bowl or cup of dried flowers in your work area to stimulate ideas.

Spiritually, jasmine enhances intuition and brings inspiration for creative endeavors as well as clarity for communication. Burn dried flowers in spells to attract luck and prosperity as well as to bind a pledge. Place a ring of flowers around the base of a yellow candle on your altar to increase psychic skills. Burning the flowers or a small twig aids in releasing fears. A jasmine bush on your property will attract abundance and peace.

Jasmine is associated with the elements air, earth, and water. Its astrological influence comes from Mercury and the moon. This plant is also associated with the goddesses Diana and Rhiannon.