Geranium - In the House - January

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the House

Common Geranium (Pelargonium × hortorum syn. P. inquinans)

*Also known as bedding geranium and zonal geranium

Loving the sunshine, geraniums can be found on countless windowsills and porches. Their flowers and foliage come in a range of colors. The leaves often have distinct bands or zones of color, which is the source of the name zonal geranium. The flowers can have single or double blooms in pink, white, red, or salmon. The genus name comes from the Greek pelargos, meaning “stork,” which refers to the plant’s elongated seed casings that resemble a stork’s bill.12

Geraniums are vigorous plants that stir energy and foster growth. Tuck a leaf into your pocket to enhance psychic energy, or position a potted plant nearby when traveling in the astral realm. For protection, place a couple of red geraniums on a windowsill in the direction from which you feel a threat. Also associated with focus and success, position one of these plants on or near your desk or wherever you work on anything creative or financial in nature. Burn dried leaves or flowers to aid in breaking hexes.

Geranium is associated with the element water, and its astrological influence comes from Venus.