Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017


From the smallest herb to the tallest tree, magic can be found everywhere in the green world. As we have seen, working with plants in the context of the seasons brings their wisdom alive and boosts the power of our rituals and spells. Following the life cycles of plants month by month for magic work provides continuity and flow to our magic and our everyday lives.

As we have learned, scientific names are crucial in correctly identifying plants. This is important for our own safety in knowing which plants are poisonous or toxic and which are endangered or threatened species. Familiarize yourself with the plants that grow in your area, even in your own neighborhood. Look to your local Native Plant Society for information on walking tours, classes, and books. Over time, a mundane field guide can become almost like a book of shadows as you jot notes in the margins so you can remember where and when you found particular plants.

Basing our magical use of plants within the seasons helps us develop additional and more meaningful ways to connect with the green world and nature spirits. When we invest the time in learning about and working with plants, we may find that they provide us with information on how to employ them in our magic.

Working more closely with plants and the cycle of nature connects us with all the wise women and men who have gone before us. By developing an intimate knowledge of plants, we carry on their magical work and find our unique ways of self-expression in the craft.