On the Calendar - March

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

On the Calendar

Signs that the earth is awakening become visible as the bonds of winter are loosened. This windy month blows away the staleness of winter, and with it we cast away the things we need to remove from our lives. This season brings freshness and new perspective as the increasing sunlight brings warmth and renewed life. March was the first month on the ancient Roman calendar, and it was named for Mars, the god of war.

On the Calendar

March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day

While this day celebrates a Catholic saint, there is a lot of Pagan symbolism that we can celebrate. One symbol is the shamrock, or clover. The Celtic triskele design might have been based on the clover. Although the triskele was adopted by Christians to illustrate their trinity, it was long believed that three-part things or something repeated three times was magical and carried special energy. In addition, the shamrock is associated with the spring equinox and represents triple goddesses. In medieval times it was a symbol of true love.


(Trifolium repens)

*Also known as Dutch clover, moon clover, and trefoil

Blooming from March through December, the tiny white to pale pink flowers are clustered into somewhat spherical flower heads that suggest a lunar influence. Clover leaves consist of three leaflets. Occasionally, four-leafed clovers can be found, which was believed to enable the finder to see fairies and to break enchantments. English botanist Maxwell Masters (1833—1907) made an interesting notation about four-leafed clover. “Trifolium repens was gathered at night-time during the full moon by sorceresses … while young girls in search of a token of perfect happiness made quest of the plant by day.” 19

Gather three stems of leaves to place on your altar for help in grounding and centering after ritual or psychic work. Pick one stem of leaves, wrap it in a tissue, and press it in a book until it is dry. Keep this in your wallet to attract and increase abundance in your life. Clover flowers and leaves are an aid in banishing fear and protecting from hexes.

Leaving the stems long, pick enough flowers so you can tie them end-to-end to make a crown. Wear this when beginning a spell to attract love, and then place it over your bedpost for three nights. On the fourth night, burn the crown as you send your energy out to the universe.

Clover is associated with the elements air and earth. Its astrological influence comes from the planet Mercury, and the fixed stars Alphecca and Spica.


Figure 6. Clover is associated with the rune Othila.

March 18: The Celtic Month of Alder Begins

Although the alder has served a wide range of domestic uses, it has also been regarded as highly magical. It is also a healing tree for its forest companions in the wake of disasters.