Pansy - In the Garden - March

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the Garden

Garden Pansy (Viola × wittrockiana)

Wild Pansy (V. tricolor)

*Also known as heartease and Johnny-jump-ups

Garden pansies are viola hybrids developed from the wild pansy. There are now more than two hundred cultivars of pansies. These flowers can be single or multi-colored and with or without markings. The most common types of pansies have a dark center called a “face.” The wild pansy is smaller than its garden cousins, and often has thin black lines called “whiskers” radiating from the center of its face. Both of these pansies are cousins to violets.

The wild pansy was named heartease from its long use in love charms. Carrying one of its flowers was said to ensure that your sweetheart returned your love. The name pansy comes from the French pensée, which means “thought.” 23 In the Victorian language of flowers, pansies were given with the intention of being remembered or thought of. With this same intention, give a potted bowl of garden pansies to your lover or someone whose attention you would like to attract. If that is too bold for the situation or not possible, pick a pansy flower and tape or clip it to a picture of him or her as you say:

Pansy dear, pansy sweet; may this one be my love to meet.

Because pansies are most fragrant at early morning and dusk, use them during these times of day to boost spells. Dawn and dusk are in-between times that support magical energy and give access to other realms. Place wild pansy flowers on your altar when engaging in love divination. Sprinkle flower petals in your bath water to aid in attracting love. Also, hold a few flowers or a potted plant in your hands to deepen meditation or reflection, especially when seeking your life’s purpose.

Pansy is associated with the element water. Its astrological influence comes from Saturn.


Figure 8. The Wild Pansy is associated with the rune Gebo.