Violet - In the Garden - March

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the Garden

Common Blue Violet (Viola sororia syn. V. papilionacea)

*Also known as meadow violet and wood violet

Sweet Violet (V. odorata)

*Also known as English violet, garden violet, and sweet pansy

Cousins to pansies, violets form clumps that can be four inches tall and six inches wide. Their leaves and flowers grow on separate stems directly from the rhizome. The flowers consist of five rounded petals: two upper, two out to the sides, and one lower petal. Violet leaves are wide, oval to heart-shaped, and gently serrated. The flowers of the common blue violet are blue-violet or white with purple veining. The flowers of the sweet violet are dark purple but occasionally white.

According to Roman legend, Cupid adored violets, which were all white, but Venus was envious and turned them purple. These flowers were extremely popular in ancient Greece and were sold in Athenian street markets. Along with lilies and roses, Romans used violets to adorn tombs.

In medieval times, the delicate powdery aroma of violets was used to scent linens. Young girls in London street markets commonly sold bouquets of these flowers. Violets were believed to be an antidote to evil spells and witchcraft in general. However, it was considered bad luck to pick the flowers if they still had dew on them.

Violets are associated with sleep and support dream work. Wrap a couple of flowers in a tissue or soft cloth and place them under your pillow as you say three times:

Violet flowers, scent so sweet; aid my dreams as I sleep.

Because violets often bloom in the snow, they are a symbol of hope and can invite happiness into your life. Place a handful of flowers in a small vase on your altar when seeking change and to help your wishes come true. Also associated with fairies and elves, violets can aid in connecting with these magical beings. Use a stick to draw a circle around a clump of violets when they first begin to sprout to signal that your garden is a safe and welcoming place for fairies. Also leave an offering of milk.

Violet is associated with the elements air and water. Its astrological influence comes from Venus. This flower is associated with fairies and elves, and the following deities: Aphrodite, Attis, Venus, and Zeus.