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Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the House

How to Make a May Basket

Making May baskets is a wonderful children’s activity that’s fun for adults, too. However, don’t feel limited to making them only on May Day. Using these little baskets throughout the summer months is a great way to enjoy the scent of flowers and herbs.

To make a May basket, take a piece of 8½ × 11 construction paper. Gently fold a short side over so it is flush with a long side of the paper, and then cut off the excess strip along the top. Now a perfect square, hold the paper at an angle so one corner points up, one points down, and the other two point right and left. Bring the two side corners together creating a cone. Staple the bottom and the top edges together. The other part of this seam can be taped together from inside the basket. The opposite side of the cone is higher and creates a nice backdrop for the flowers and herbs that will be inserted into the basket.


Figure 16. Follow these steps to make a May basket.

The basket can be decorated with sequins, pieces of ribbon, lace, or anything. If you use a dark-colored paper, attach a white, lacy paper doily to the outside to decorate it. Alternatively, leftover pieces of wallpaper can be used instead of construction paper.

To finish the basket, staple a sturdy wide ribbon above the opening for a handle. Collect flowers and sprigs of herbs to put in the basket, and then hang it on a doorknob.

Dreaming of Flowers

At this time of year, dreams that include flowers are thought to be more potent and have special significance. Keep a journal or smart phone at your bedside to record your dreams. Table 5 lists the meanings for some of the flowers that may appear in dreams.

Table 5. Flower Meanings in Dreams


Happiness and abundance


An unexpected gift


True love


Improved business prospects


Happy adventure


Unexpected good luck


A new start


Love and happiness is coming


A birth, heading for success


Happiness in love


Luck in love


Considerable wealth


A move to a better house


Good news


Achieve high ambitions


A reunion, plenty of money


Seek solitude




You will do well in life

Orange blossom





New friendship


Love will soon enter your life


Joy, good luck, a marriage proposal


Success and happiness


Pleasure and contentment

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