Morning Glory and Moonflower - In the Garden - July

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

Morning Glory and Moonflower
In the Garden

Common Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea syn.

Convolvulus purpureus, Pharbitis purpurea)

Moonflower (I. alba syn. I. bona-nox, Calonyction aculeatum)

Morning glory vines can grow six to ten feet long. They have heart-shaped leaves and two-inch-wide flowers that can be blue, pink, red, white, or purplish-blue. These trumpet-shaped flowers have white throats. They open in the morning and close at night or in the rain. There are many species of morning glories. Moonflower vines can grow fifteen feet long. The leaves are rounded with a heart-shaped base. Their five-inch-wide white, fragrant flowers open at dusk. All parts of these plants are poisonous if ingested.

The genus name for these plants come from the Greek ips, meaning “worm,” and homoios, “resembling,” in reference to the vines that wind their way up anything nearby.73 Morning glories and moonflowers previously shared their genus, Convolvulus, with their bindweed cousins. According to folk beliefs, witches used morning glories and moonflowers, and the magical power of these plants was stronger when plucked three days before the full moon.

On the night of a new moon, write what you want to bind or secure on a piece of paper, and roll it into a scroll. Use a piece of vine, stripped of its leaves and flowers, and wrap it around the scroll three times as you say:

Morning glory, moonflower; help me with your sweet power. As I wrap these words of mine; make it so with your vine.

Hold it between your hands as you send your energy into it and visualize your goal. Take it outside and bury it in the ground.

Use moonflowers to honor lunar goddesses by placing a few on your altar for esbat rituals. If you keep an outdoor altar, place a small trellis behind it for both morning glories and moonflowers to climb so you will have flowers blooming day and night in your sacred space.

Morning glories and moonflowers are associated with the element water. The morning glory’s astrological influence comes from Saturn, and moonflower’s influence comes from the moon.