Agrimony - In the Wild - August

Plant Magic: A Year of Green Wisdom for Pagans & Wiccans - Sandra Kynes 2017

In the Wild

Common Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

*Also known as cockleburr, liverwort, philanthropos, sticklewort, and stickwort

Agrimony leaves are comprised of lance-shaped leaflets that are deeply veined and coarsely toothed. Stems growing two to four feet tall hold dense clusters of yellow flowers. The whole plant is slightly aromatic and the flowers have a richly scented, slightly spicy odor. The five-petaled flowers bloom from June through August. Seed capsules form burrs that get stuck on clothing or animals as they pass by. Agrimony is usually found at the edge of woods, fields, and wastelands.

The genus name Agrimonia comes from the Greek argemone, which was a name given to plants used for healing the eyes.85 The species name eupatoria was derived from the name of a Persian king, Mithradates Eupator (120—63 BCE), who was a skilled herbalist. Throughout the ancient world, agrimony was used for a range of ailments, and it is still used in herbal medicine today.

According to legends, witches used this plant to cast spells as well as to break them. Also, hanging a sachet of agrimony in the home was said to protect against evil spirits. This plant is also associated with deep sleep.

To send a hex back to the hexer, burn a handful of dried leaves in your cauldron as you say:

Agrimony, agrimony, herb of strength and power, return this spell to the hexer within the hour.

Say this incantation three times, and when the ashes are cool, take them outside and bury them in the ground.

To dispel any negativity and bless a new home before moving in, burn a pinch of dried leaves as you walk through the house. Whenever you want to banish bad energy from your home, add a quart of boiling water to two handfuls of leaves and/or flowers and let it steep for a half an hour. Strain it and use the infusion when washing floors or other cleaning throughout the home.

Burn a dried leaf and smudge yourself with the smoke to cleanse your aura. In addition, add an infusion of agrimony to your bath water to create a personal protective barrier against negativity. When you are out walking and find burrs, take a few home with you and place them on your altar to bring protection to your home and during magic or ritual.

Agrimony is associated with the element air. Its astrological influence comes from Jupiter and Mercury.