Practical Magic: A Beginner's Guide to Crystals, Horoscopes, Psychics, and Spells - Nikki Van De Car 2017


DID YOU EVER WONDER WHAT ALL THOSE JARS IN AN OLD apothecary shop hold? And what do they do? Have you ever been just a little bit tempted to learn what a $20 psychic might say about your new job or that fun date you just had? What was your unconscious trying to tell you with that strange dream last night? What are chakras, anyway?

This is a book for the occult-curious. It’s for anyone who has ever thought, “Hey, why not?” and bought an amethyst because it was pretty, but also because it just might bring peace and lucid dreaming. This book is for everyone who finds their daily horoscope weirdly accurate and for anyone who has always secretly wanted to live in a world of magic.

Here you’ll learn the basics of crystal healing, herb magic, and palmistry. You’ll learn how to cast a few basic spells (all white magic, of course!), see auras, and throw a proper Beltane party. You’ll learn how to interpret your dreams, cleanse your chakras, and chart your stars.

Mostly, you’ll laugh and have fun. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll experience something surprising. That odd feeling of discomfort you have when you stand in that one corner of your apartment might just vanish with a little light sage-smudging. You might find that an eerily accurate tarot reading will cause you to make a slightly different choice than you might otherwise have or will give you the courage to have faith in yourself and what’s to come. Maybe, for fun, you’ll cast a love spell over your friend before she goes to meet her blind date, and they’ll hit it off like crazy. It might be just a tingle, a hint of the supernatural, something unexplainable but undeniable.

Here’s the thing—you don’t have to believe in magic to enjoy this book. You just have to want to.