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Common Aural Colors and Their Meanings
Healing for hedge witches


A red aura can be difficult to interpret, as it can indicate either positive or negative energies. Use your own emotional response to the person’s aura to help you figure that out. Red can mean healthy pride and sense of self-worth, or it can indicate anger and anxiety. From a physical standpoint, a red aura provides a picture of the heart and blood circulation.

DARK RED: Usually indicates someone who is centered and grounded, with a strong sense of self-preservation.

MUDDY RED: Indicates anger.

BRIGHT RED: Passionate, competitive, sensual, and energetic.

PINK: Artistic and loving. If this is not the person’s usual aural color, it may have turned pink because they have recently fallen in love or are feeling love more profoundly at that moment. It may also indicate that the person possesses psychic abilities.

MUDDY PINK: Indicates deceit and emotional immaturity—which is frequently the cause of deceit.


An orange aura generally means that the person is healthy and full of vitality and energy. It also provides an understanding of what is going on with the person’s reproductive system.

RED ORANGE: Indicates confidence.

YELLOW ORANGE: This person is creative, intelligent, and a perfectionist.

MUDDY ORANGE: This person is feeling laziness or a lack of ambition. They may also be emotionally clogged and unable move forward.


This person is optimistic and full of life and fun, though a yellow aura may also indicate that the person’s liver or spleen is malfunctioning.

PASTEL YELLOW: Optimism and spiritual awareness.

BRIGHT YELLOW: Struggle for personal power.

MUDDY YELLOW: Indicative of fatigue, from trying to do too much all at once.


Many teachers and healers have green auras, as do those who work with the natural world. It is the color of love and healing. Someone with a green aura works to help the world in whatever way they can. A green aura also provides information on the health of the heart and the lungs.

YELLOW GREEN: Excellent communicator.

BRIGHT GREEN: Natural healer.

MUDDY GREEN: Jealousy, insecurity. This person has trouble taking responsibility for their actions.


People with blue auras are calm and compassionate, sensitive and intuitive. A blue aura may also tell you something about the state of the thyroid.

TURQUOISE: Powerful healer, particularly in the realm of emotional and mental health.

LIGHT BLUE: Truthful and peaceful.

BRIGHT BLUE: A spiritual intuitive. May be able to read other’s thoughts or futures.

MUDDY BLUE: Deceitful, though not out of malice, but instead out of fear.


Those with purple auras are deeply spiritual and possess extraordinary gifts, though a purple aura may also indicate that something is going on with the nervous system.

INDIGO: A daydreamer, but in the best possible way. This person can make the world the way they wish it to be.

VIOLET: Psychically powerful and wise.

LAVENDER: Imaginative and creative.

MUDDY VIOLET: This person’s psychic gifts are being blocked by some internal force.


A silver aura is indicative of abundance, either spiritually or monetarily. On the other hand, a gray aura indicates that the person is filled with fear to the point of suffering physically.


Someone with a gold aura is in direct communication with the Divine. Many of our great spiritual leaders, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Dalai Lama would have gold auras.


If someone’s aura is black, they are pulling all energy toward themself, like a black hole. These individuals are psychically or physically wounded and trying to heal themselves, however ineffectively.


White indicates newness and purity. Celestial beings are said to have white auras. Someone who is enlightened may have a white aura, though children often have white auras as well.