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How to Cleanse Your Aura
Healing for hedge witches

Cleansing your aura is not that different from balancing the chakras. The most profound difference is really that it needs to happen more often, because auras are more easily and frequently affected by the outside world than chakras. Just brushing up against a negative aura can introduce negativity into our own auras. Unexplained mood swings or a good time turning instantly bad can be the result of the impact of someone else’s aura on your own.


Cleanse your aura by going through the chakra-cleansing ritual (see here), and then work to strengthen that aura from further invasion. During meditation, visualize a psychic wall of protection around your energy field, a wall that is permeable only to what you wish to allow inside. It can close out anger, block those who drain your energy, and welcome in love and positivity.

There are also cords that bind us to everyone around us—thick, unbreakable cords between those we love the most and threads connecting strangers to one another. Those threads can always grow back, but sometimes you need the space to heal yourself. Visualize breaking those threads and allowing the thick, unbreakable cords to go slack—still connected, but no longer pulling at you. If there is a cord that needs to be broken or weakened—say, if a friendship has become toxic—visualize that as well.

If your aura feels too diffuse—if you are feeling that you are spread too thin—visualize your aura contracting. Rein it in, keeping your energies close to your heart.

If meditation and visualization are hard for you, you’re not alone! There are also more physical, tangible ways to cleanse your aura. Water is an excellent way to rinse your aura, particularly moving water like a stream, a waterfall, or the ocean. If that isn’t available to you, try taking a saltwater bath. Crystals can be extremely helpful, as can certain herbal remedies.