Common Plants and Their Uses in Magic - Plant-based Magic - Magic for the weekend Wiccan

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Common Plants and Their Uses in Magic
Plant-based Magic
Magic for the weekend Wiccan

BELLADONNA, AKA “DEADLY NIGHTSHADE” Image Poisonous, so do not ingest. Used for flight (on a broom and for astral projection), for youth and beauty spells, and to summon the dead.

BETONY Image For purification and protection. Prevents nightmares.

CARAWAY Image Good for love spells, and as an aphrodisiac.

CINQUEFOIL Image Prosperity, purification, and protection.

CLOVER Image Cures madness, also useful in youth and beauty rituals.

COWSLIP Image Invites those who have passed to visit in dreams.

DRAGON’S BLOOD Image Cures impotency, good for love spells.

ELECAMPANE Image Aids in raising spirits.

EYEBRIGHT Image Make a tincture and anoint your eyelids to induce visions.

FRANKINCENSE Image Powerful aid to meditation.

GARLIC Image Protection, healing, courage, and, of course, exorcism.

HAWTHORN Image Protects against evil spirits, good for marital happiness.

HELLEBORE Image Can make you invisible. Useful in exorcisms.

HENBANE Image Aids in flight (on a broom, but also astral projection). Poisonous, so do not ingest.

HOLLY Image Powerful protection against evil. Enhances masculinity. Invites prophetic dreams.

HONEYSUCKLE Image Useful for prosperity and love charms.

HYSSOP Image Purifies. Useful in preparation for astral projection and for banishing evil spirits.

JUNIPER Image Protects against accidents and theft.

LAVENDER Image Provides clarity of thought, aids in having visions. Good for peace and protection.

LEMON BALM Image Aphrodisiac, also soothes a broken heart.

MANDRAKE Image Powerful protective charm. Increases strength and courage, as well as virility and fertility.

MARIGOLD Image Useful in prophesying. Helps you see magical creatures. Use when conducting business or legal affairs.

MARJORAM Image Helps overcome grief.

MISTLETOE Image Mainly used in love spells and to aid in conception, also provides protection.

MUGWORT Image The go-to herb for witchery. Aids in astral projection, enhances psychic abilities, prevents fatigue.

MYRTLE Image Long history of use in love spells.

PIMPERNEL Image Helps detect lies and deceit.

ROSEMARY Image The phrase to keep in mind is “rosemary for remembrance.” Improves memory and mental function, useful in youth spells.

SAGE Image Good for fertility and wisdom. Also aids in health and longevity.

ST. JOHN’S WORT Image Increases courage and willpower, good for banishing evil spirits.

THYME Image Renews energy, purifies the spirit.

VERVAIN Image Cleanses ritual spaces. Good for prosperity and creativity.

WORMWOOD Image Releases the wandering dead so they may rest. Useful in divination.

YARROW Image Enhances perception and psychic abilities.