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How to Make a Smudge Stick
Plant-based Magic
Magic for the weekend Wiccan

A smudge stick is a small bundle of plants that will be lit on fire to release their properties into the air. Normally smudge sticks are used to dissipate negative energy in a space, so you can make a cleansing stick out of vervain, thyme, hyssop, and betony or a protective stick with some combination of St. John’s wort, mandrake, hawthorn, garlic, and cinquefoil. You can also invite love into your life with a smudge stick of myrtle, mistletoe, honeysuckle, dragon’s blood, and caraway. Or you can combine sage for wisdom, rosemary for clarity, and marigold in order to get your mental state clear and ready for business.

You can use fresh or dried plants for your smudge stick. Lay your choices together in a bundle—you’ll want to create a stick that is at least five inches long, so that you can hold it comfortably while it burns. Use a cotton string to wrap the bundle into a firm stick, winding your way up and down the length of the stems. Go ahead and wrap tightly. If you’ve used fresh plants, hang them upside down to dry for a week before burning.

Light the tip of your smudge stick with a candle. Once it has a steady flame, blow it out so that the smudge stick is just smoldering, with smoke rising from the glowing tip. Fan the smoke over your head or around the room, using your hands to disperse it. To extinguish your smudge stick, smother the flame—try to avoid using water, as this will mean you can’t reuse the stick.