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How to Make a Gris-Gris
Plant-based Magic
Magic for the weekend Wiccan

Gris-gris go by any number of names, including sachets, charm bags, spell bags, and hex bags. They are small enough to carry with you, or they can be placed under your pillow, left in your car, or given as gifts.

Begin by choosing the fabric for your bag. Leather, velvet, and felt are common options, and they all have different connotations. Velvet might bring to mind wealth or romance, while leather might invoke strength or protection. Felt is the most commonly used, just because of its simplicity.

The color of your fabric is also important, for similar reasons. Look back to the colors of the chakras (see here) for guidance here.

To create your bag, cut two two- or three-inch squares of material and sew them together, leaving one side open. As you sew, focus your energy on what your gris-gris will hold and bring to you. Turn it inside out and fill the bag with the herbs of your choice, as well as any stones, crystals, runes, affirmations, or images that fit your purpose.

Sew the opening of your bag closed, and if desired, stitch on a ribbon so that you can wear it around your neck.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

FOR COURAGE: St. John’s wort, garlic, tiger’s-eye, and aquamarine in a yellow bag.

FOR ABUNDANCE: Marigold, cinquefoil, honeysuckle, jade, and citrine in a red bag.

FOR LOVE: Myrtle, mistletoe, honeysuckle, lemon balm, dragon’s blood, caraway, rose quartz, and carnelian in a pink or green bag.

FOR MAGIC: Yarrow, wormwood, mugwort, lavender, henbane, hellebore, opal, lapis lazuli, and calcite in a purple bag.