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Pagan Holidays
Magic for the weekend Wiccan

Pronounced BAYal-TIN-uh. Also known as Roodmas, Walpurgisnacht, or May Day, it falls on May 1.

If Ostara is partly about fertility, Beltane is entirely about fertility. If pagan holidays did have orgies, they would take place on Beltane. Young couples would spend a night in the woods in true Shakespearean fashion, and couples that had been married for a year and a day could, if they chose, remove their wedding rings along with all the restrictions that those rings impose.

Beltane marks the return of vitality, of passion. It is a celebration of life. It is sensual, but innocent in its sensuality—there is no shame or fear or severity on Beltane. There is nothing but joy.

COLORS: blue, green, and purple

STONES: amethyst, sapphire, and peridot

HERBS: chamomile, wormwood, and lavender


Image Rise early in the morning and collect flowers. Weave them into your hair.

Image Roll around in the grass with someone you love, and tumble down a hill like a small child.

Image Dance around a maypole! It’s fun, and harder than it looks!

Image Collect wild water, such as dew or fresh water from a stream, and bathe your face in it.

Image Build a small bonfire and jump over it, holding hands with the person you love.