The Parts of a Spell - White magic - Magic for the weekend Wiccan

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The Parts of a Spell
White magic
Magic for the weekend Wiccan

Here are few things you might consider when thinking about casting your spell.

PURIFICATION Image Take a cleansing bath, perhaps with some betony, cinquefoil, or hyssop floating in it. Dress however feels right to you—if a long, medieval gown gets you in the right frame of mine, go for it! But remember that a t-shirt and jeans can be just as witchy; it all depends on how you envision yourself, as a witch. Meditate to clear your mind, as well as your body.

CREATING A RITUAL SPACE Image A pentagram is one of these, and so is a salt circle. If you don’t want to create a physical circle, you can create a psychic one by walking in a circle with a vervain smudge wand or by surrounding a space with clear quartz. If you can perform your spell out of doors, that’s great—if not, open a window so that the air can flow freely.

PROTECTION Image Drawing and releasing power can invite some negative attention. Protect yourself against spirits or other harmful energies with mandrake, holly, hawthorn, garlic, or betony. You can either drink a tea before you cast the spell or simply have some nearby as part of your ritual space.

INVOCATION Image If you choose to, you can invoke the powers of someone or something, like Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft, or simply Spirit or the Universe. You can do this through dance, chanting, or simply with a spoken or silent prayer.

CASTING Image You can recite a special phrase (see here), or simply state what it is you want to happen. Words only have as much power as you give them, but sometimes speaking a ritualistic phrase helps you feel more powerful, in the same way that dressing appropriately does—and therefore you are more powerful.

Utilize whatever you can to enhance the power of your spell. If you’re doing a love spell, make your circle or pentagram out of rose quartz and burn myrtle in a smudge stick. Or simply hold tight to a gris-gris as you recite.

Many spells end with the phrase “so mote it be,” which translates, essentially, to “so it shall be” or “so must it be.” The phrase originated with the Freemasons, but has come to be used frequently within the Wiccan community.

GIVING THANKS Image If you asked for assistance from the Divine, be sure to give thanks. You can leave an offering or just bow your head in gratitude—whatever feels right to you.

CLOSING THE CIRCLE Image It is important to finish your spells, and closing the circle indicates that the spell is complete. If your circle was a psychic one, take your vervain smudge wand and walk in the opposite direction. If you used candles to create a pentagram, blow them out, giving thanks with each one. If you used stones, collect them one by one, again giving thanks.