Balancing Your Chakras As a Whole - Chakras - Healing for hedge witches

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Balancing Your Chakras As a Whole
Healing for hedge witches

Meditation is the most effective way to bring all your chakras into harmonious balance. Sit comfortably—there’s no need for a perfectly straight back or lotus legs. Instead, sit in such a way that you’re not in any pain or discomfort, but you’re not likely to fall asleep, either. Remember that meditation is not about stopping all thought—that’s an impossible goal. It is instead about allowing our thoughts to come and go, observing without engaging with them.

When you’ve achieved a state of open relaxation, begin to focus your attention on your root chakra. Visualize its color, and visualize its swirl as it allows energy to flow in and out evenly. Take a deep breath and chant “Ohhhhhh.”

Continue in this manner up through each chakra, moving in order and taking the time to focus your attention on each one in turn, seeing its color in your mind and chanting its sound aloud. When you’ve finished, visualize yourself surrounded by a glow of white light. Repeat a mantra that feels appropriate to you in the moment; perhaps it is something like “I am at peace within myself,” or “the Universe/a higher power/God is for me/us all.” Breathe deeply and allow the energy to settle within you.