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The Twelve Houses
Casual Clairvoyance

FIRST HOUSE Image The House of the Self. It includes your personality, your physical body, your appearance, and your self-image. The First House reveals your ascendant sign, the sign rising on the horizon. For natal charts, this sign can be equally as important as your birth sign in understanding yourself.

SECOND HOUSE Image The House of Worth. It refers to money, possessions, what you value, and your self-esteem. The sign that rests in your Second House reflects how you spend your money and your attitude toward your finances and your possessions.

THIRD HOUSE Image The House of Intellect. It drives your communication skills and your understanding of the world. It also governs your relationship with your immediate surroundings, including your neighborhood, your siblings, and short journeys.

FOURTH HOUSE Image The House of the Home. It includes your literal house—where it is, what it looks like—along with what makes your home, be that your spouse and children, a roommate, or whomever else you might share your space with. It also determines your relationship with your parents.

FIFTH HOUSE Image The House of Love. It includes both romantic love and the love you may feel for your children. It also rules creativity, self-expression, and pleasure.

SIXTH HOUSE Image The House of Work. It includes your job, but also the work that you do in every aspect of your daily life—shopping, cleaning, cooking, etc. Diet, fitness, and exercise fall under this category, as well—the work we do to maintain our bodies.

SEVENTH HOUSE Image The House of Partnership. It often refers to marriage, but may also encompass work relationships—it is involved whenever two parties agree to work together toward a common goal. There will often be conflicts in those kinds of situations, so your enemies as well as your allies fall under this house.

EIGHTH HOUSE Image The House of Transformation. This house can be a little confusing—it relates to money, but in the way that we exchange money with others. Investments, mortgages, gifts, taxes, child support—all of these fall under the Eighth House. Physical sex and reproduction occur here, as well. The theme is change; under the Eighth House, we interact with others and change because of that interaction.

NINTH HOUSE Image The House of Understanding. If the Third House is about intellect, the Ninth House goes deeper, to a more philosophical and spiritual place. The Ninth House governs dreams, visions, ideas, ethics, and rituals. Long-distance travel, distant relatives, and higher education are all in its purview.

TENTH HOUSE Image The House of Status. The areas in which we excel professionally and within the community reside in this house. The Tenth House helps us understand how our colleagues and neighbors see us.

ELEVENTH HOUSE Image The House of Friendship. This house is more specifically about community, about the way we relate to those we come together with in a group.

TWELFTH HOUSE Image The House of the Subconscious. If the First House is about our own self-image, the Twelfth House is the self that we cannot always see or recognize. It rules our dreams and our intuition, as well as our secrets and our sorrows.