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Casual Clairvoyance

There are three major lines—the life line, the heart line, and the head line—and several minor lines, as well as a number of mounts and markings to read with chiromancy. If you read the various descriptions here and then look at your palm, you’ll find that several of them may apply; for example, your life line might be short, forked, and shallow. The art of palmistry is not just in being able to see the lines clearly, but also in how you interpret the information you are given, so that you can tell someone with a short, forked, and shallow life line that they are better at overcoming challenges than they think they are, and that they will need to harness that ability soon, as their life is about to change.

Remember, too, that the lines will be different on each hand and you should take both hands into account, though the nondominant hand will generally reveal more.

the major lines


THE LIFE LINE Image This line tells you a great deal about your life—but it doesn’t tell you when you are going to die or anything like that. Instead, the life line describes the kind of life you will have and are having—your relationships, your health, your very existence.


LONG: A long life line indicates a healthy and well-balanced person.

SHORT: This line communicates that the person is good at overcoming challenges. Note: It does not mean a short life.

FAINT: Low energy, perhaps unwilling to take chances.

DEEP: A smooth and easy life.

BROKEN: A life line with a break in it signifies that there has been a major disruption, like an illness or an accident. If the break occurs in both hands, it means that the disruption was more severe. The closer to the wrist the break is, the younger the person was when the disruption occurred.

FORKED: A fork marks a change in lifestyle.

CHAINED: Crisscrossing lines point to a troubled path.

MULTIPLES: If the person has more than one life line moving along essentially the same path, that can mean they have a true soul partner in life, like a twin, friend, or life partner.

THE HEART LINE Image Also known as the love line, or the mensal line, this gives hints to the person’s emotional state, as well as their relationships with others.


LONG: This would suggest the person is balanced and open, but perhaps a little starry-eyed.

OVEREXTENDED: If the line reaches all the way across the palm, it indicates that the person might have codependent tendencies.

SHORT: Self-centered.

DEEP: Stressed by relationships.

FAINT: Doesn’t place much importance on emotions or relationships.

STRAIGHT: Somewhat passive in relationships.

CURVED: Emotional, intuitive.

WAVY: May have trouble with commitment.

BROKEN: The person may have experienced or will experience an emotional trauma.

FORKED. Practical, good at maintaining balance.

CHAINED. Easily hurt, may suffer from depression.

BRANCHES GOING UP. This person has strong relationships.

BRANCHES GOING DOWN. This person suffers from heartbreak on occasion.

THE HEAD LINE Image The line of wisdom goes deeper than just learning—it also reveals information about the person’s psychological makeup, as well as their intuitive abilities.


STARTS FROM SAME POINT AS THE LIFE LINE: Such a shape indicates a strong will.

LONG: A long line suggests intelligence, a good memory, and a willingness to think things through.

OVEREXTENDED: If the line extends across the entire palm, the person is likely highly successful and brave—though possibly also somewhat selfish.

SHORT: Practical, no-nonsense.

STRAIGHT: Realistic, good attention to detail. Not much imagination.

CURVED: Idealistic, intuitive, and imaginative.

WAVY: Points to inner conflict between the person’s thoughts and actions. May be untrustworthy.

DEEP: Sensible, with an excellent memory.

FAINT: Daydreams, has trouble concentrating.

BROKEN: Signifies inconsistency and perhaps mental exhaustion.

FORKED: Called a “writer’s fork” or a “lawyer’s fork.” This person enjoys debate, has an excellent imagination, and communicates clearly.

BRANCHES GOING UP: Professional success.

BRANCHES GOING DOWN: Struggle, disappointment, or depression at some point in the person’s life.


the minor lines


Not all of these lines will be present on every hand, but if they are there, they indicate something more specific about the person. These are not all the Minor Lines, but this list covers the most common ones. See here for further reference.

SUN LINE Image Also known as the Apollo line, indicates that the person is creative, successful, and self-confident.

BRACELET LINES Image Also known as rascette lines, they indicate longevity. The more of these lines someone has, and the clearer those lines are, the longer and healthier that person’s life will be.

FATE LINE Image Also known as the Line of Destiny, it indicates the person’s life path. This line refers to events that the person has no control over, obstacles that must be faced.

GIRDLE OF VENUS Image This line indicates a very emotional person, one who experiences both extreme highs and extreme lows.

LINE OF HEALTH Image This line may say something about the person’s health, but its presence more likely speaks to skills as a healer, either emotionally or physically.

INTUITION LINE Image This person is highly sensitive and may even possess psychic abilities, but has difficulty in crowds.




Mounts are the bumps of flesh on the palms. They may be more or less pronounced on your hand. See here for reference.

MOUNT OF VENUS Image This bump relates to love and passions. If it’s present but not unusually pronounced, the person is healthy, has positive relationships, and appreciates the beauty in the world. If it’s elevated, the person is self-indulgent. If it’s flat, the person does not have a strong connection to their family.

MOUNT OF JUPITER Image This mount relates to the ego, to how we want to be perceived, and to success. If it is present but not unusually pronounced, the person is compassionate, generous, and has a positive outlook. If it is elevated, the person is self-centered and likes to be in control of others. If it is flat, the person is lacking in self-confidence.

MOUNT OF SATURN Image This shape refers to patience, duty, and responsibility. If it is present but not unusually pronounced, the person is friendly, independent, and takes their responsibilities seriously. If it is elevated, the person may be depressed or isolated from others. If it is flat, the person might be disorganized and not very self-aware.

MOUNT OF APOLLO Image Also known of the Mount of the Sun, this bump relates to self-assurance. If it is present but not unusually pronounced, the person is outgoing and flexible. If it is elevated, the person might have a jealous nature. If it is flat, the person might be shy and indecisive.

MOUNT OF MERCURY Image This elevation points to success, and also to the ability to read people. If it is present but not unusually pronounced, the person is successful in business and an excellent communicator. If it is elevated, the person may be a bit greedy. If it is flat, the person might have trouble reading social cues and may be unambitious.

MOUNT OF LUNA Image Also known as the Mount of the Moon, it relates to intuition, imagination, and creativity. If it is present but not unusually pronounced, the person is artistic and thrives when immersed in nature, particularly by the sea. If it is elevated, the person might dwell overlong on fantasies. If it is flat, the person might be imaginative, but prefers to be private.




Of course we all have other marks all over our hands, sometimes on the lines themselves. These add a deeper layer of meaning to the lines, as a way of interpreting them more specifically. Stand-alone markings have meaning as well.

BREAKS Image Most lines have breaks in them. They don’t necessarily signify anything negative; they simply mark a life lived, an interruption in the flow of energy, which happens to all of us.

CHAINS Image Chains in a line can indicate obstacles. So if there are chains early in a life line, that can mean a difficult childhood.

CROSSES Image Suggesting stress, crosses are more pronounced than grilles—this is more along the lines of “a cross to bear.”

FRAY Image When a line ends in a fray, that indicates confusion. The life line often ends in this way.

GRILLES Image These can indicate stress.

ISLANDS Image An island represents an interruption that is more significant than a break; it is generally a difficult time.

TRIDENT, TRIANGLE Image These markings are considered signs of good luck.