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Common Dream Symbols
Dream Interpretation
Casual Clairvoyance

Most likely, you’ve dreamed each of these at least once.

BABIES Image Dreaming of a baby/dreaming of being pregnant may be driven by your body’s biological desire to procreate, or it may mean that you want or need to be nurtured yourself. It may also signify a new idea.

BEING CHASED Image We tend to remember these dreams because the anxiety we feel during them is extremely vivid. Take a look at what’s chasing you to interpret the dream—because of course whatever it is you’re running away from is really the issue at hand. What is it you don’t want to face in your life? Your dream is telling you to stop running.

DEATH Image As in tarot, these dreams do not portend literal death. You need not be worried that you are ill or that someone you love is in danger. Instead, they signal that you are at the start or in the middle of a big change—an ending of one thing and a new beginning of another.

FALLING Image Normally, falling indicates anxiety that comes after success. Once you’ve achieved what you wanted, how will you maintain it?

FLYING Image This is almost invariably a euphoric dream, and it often occurs once we’ve finally made a decision we’ve been putting off or when we’re feeling particularly confident that we can achieve our goals.

NUDITY Image We’ve all suffered from the “forgot your clothes” dream. This generally unpleasant dream signifies how vulnerable you are feeling. You may want to consider baring yourself regardless of your fear. Get it over with and really put your true self out there for the world to see.

PEOPLE Image Just about everyone dreams about other people, but the important thing to note is that each of the “characters” in our dreams represents some aspect of ourselves.

SEX Image Along with just being good fun, sex dreams indicate that you have reached a new level of understanding and incorporated the intuitive with the conscious.

TEST YOU DIDN’T STUDY FOR Image These dreams aren’t actually an argument against the stressors of the Common Core. Instead, they indicate that you are examining yourself, looking at past mistakes.

OUT-OF-CONTROL VEHICLE Image You know that dream—the one where the brakes don’t work or the steering wheel won’t turn? It’s telling you that you’re trying too hard to control something that you simply don’t have control over. Relax the white-knuckle grip and let the road take you where it will.

WATER Image Water is generally thought to speak specifically to the state of the unconscious. If you’re dreaming of a stormy sea, you may be experiencing some emotional turbulence. But if you’re dreaming of a cool, clear stream, you are more likely experiencing mental clarity.