Balancing the Individual Chakras - Chakras - Healing for hedge witches

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Balancing the Individual Chakras
Healing for hedge witches

You can balance each individual chakra with a meditation practice. Make use of each chakra’s suggested crystals (see here), along with its associated essential oils. You can either rest the crystal on the location of the specific chakra while you’re lying down and meditating, or, if you prefer to sit up, simply hold it in your hand. Chant the sound associated with your chakra as many times as feels comfortable and right, or sit in silence, focusing your attention on that chakra.

But if meditation is simply beyond you, there are other ways to balance your chakras, specific to each of them:

MULADHARA Image Seek out the color red, particularly in your food. Let your bare feet feel the earth. Do something practical, like saving for retirement or paying a little extra toward your mortgage. Use the suggested essential oils in a footbath, or apply a warm cloth with a few drops of oil to the base of your spine.

SVADHISTHANA Image Engage in a little romance, even if that simply means watching Bridget Jones’s Diary or reading a sweeping historical novel. Eat orange foods and indulge in any activity that brings you pleasure, particularly something creative. Drop some essential oils in a bath or shower, or use them to scent a candle.

MANIPURA Image Get some sunshine! Go to the beach, if it’s the right season, or even just curl up inside near the window. Eat yellow foods, including lots of citrus, drink some chamomile tea, and give yourself a lot of self-care. Definitely knock off any negative self-talk!

ANAHATA Image Make time for those you love—call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, spend quality time with your partner or children, or take your parents out to dinner. For each act of love you give, you will receive that love back tenfold. And while you’re at it, eat lots of leafy greens, perhaps throwing in a beet or two.

VISHUDDHA Image Journal, blog, write some poetry, even sing! You may not be ready to share any of that with anyone else, but practice exercising your voice in whatever way you’re comfortable. Seek out the color blue… there aren’t many blue foods, obviously, but you could wear a blue shirt or simply choose to notice the blue you see in the world.

AJNA Image Make a point of listening closely when others are speaking. Read about what is going on in the world and ask questions. Ponder. Wear dark blue, and close your eyes so that you can reflect on what you have seen and heard.

SAHASRARA Image For this one, you really should meditate, if you can. If not, try prayer. Ask for guidance and be willing to listen for an answer. Look for purple around you. Imagine all the possibilities in the world, and even reflect on the impossible. Allow yourself to daydream.