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Less Common (But Still Fairly Common) Dream Symbols
Dream Interpretation
Casual Clairvoyance

These are less common—but still experienced more often than an ice maker—and can generally be relied upon to have some relevance to most of us.

NEEDING TO GO TO THE BATHROOM Image This probably just means that you need to go to the bathroom, but it could also mean that you ought to consider looking after your own needs, instead of always putting others first.

CELEBRITIES Image When a celebrity pops up in your dream, they can indicate a certain admiration. Perhaps that celebrity has a quality that you would like to embody.

CHEATING BY YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER Image This dream often leaves us angry at our partners, though we know we have no just cause. It doesn’t indicate a problem in the relationship; instead you may be feeling insecure or in need of a little extra care and attention.

CHEATING YOURSELF Image If you are the one having an affair in a dream, remember that doesn’t mean anything about your feelings for your partner. Instead, look at the person you are cheating with. What aspects of their personality do you find attractive?

FOOD Image Dreaming of food can mean that you are hungry, but it can also symbolize a hunger for knowledge.

HAIR Image According to Freud, hair is symbolic of sexuality (but then so many things were, to Freud). Abundant hair equates with sexual abundance and virility, while hair loss speaks of a loss of libido.

HOUSE Image Each room or floor of a house in a dream has a meaning that is specific to the dreamer, but generally a basement represents that which is ignored and a bedroom represents that which is private.

KILLING Image If you kill someone in your dreams, that doesn’t make you a violent person. Remember that every character in your dream represents a part of yourself. What part of yourself are you trying to kill off?

PARALYSIS Image When we are in a REM sleep state, we are actually paralyzed to an extent—which is a good thing, as it prevents us from sleepwalking and acting out the experiences in our dreams. When we are in the midst of waking up while in that state, we can experience that paralysis for a moment. So this isn’t really a dream symbol, but an actual state of being.

SNAKE Image The symbolism of snakes in dreams depends on your personal feelings about snakes. If you dislike them or are afraid of them, they may speak to a hidden or unpredictable threat. But they can also represent healing, transformation, and creativity. And of course, according to Freud, they represent sexual temptation.


TEETH FALLING OUT Image Teeth symbolize confidence and power. Ask yourself, what are you feeling powerless about? We also use them to communicate—what are you unable to voice?