The Most Common Stones and Their Uses - Crystals - Healing for hedge witches

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The Most Common Stones and Their Uses
Healing for hedge witches


AMETHYST Image Develops intuition and spiritual awareness. Aids in meditation, calm, and tranquility. Relieves headaches.

AQUAMARINE Image Aids in expressing your personal truth. Reduces fear and tension.

AZURITE Image Helps find spiritual or psychic blocks that are causing physical blocks. Transforms fear into understanding. Good for arthritis and joint pain.

CALCITE Image An energy amplifier, it eases communication between the physical and spiritual world.

CARNELIAN Image Enhances creativity and sexuality, and helps with exploring past-life experiences. Aids in digestion.

CITRINE Image A stone of abundance, it invites success and money, and raises self-esteem. Good for the heart, kidneys, liver, and muscles.

CLEAR QUARTZ Image A stone of healing, it channels power and amplifies universal energy. This stone can be programmed to whatever use you require.

GARNET Image A stone of health and creativity, it stimulates your internal fire. Wards off cancer, good for skin elasticity, and also helps prevent nightmares.

HEMATITE Image A stone of protection and grounding, it closes your aura to keep out negative energy. Provides support for astral projection.

JADE Image Will inspire you to ambition and keep you working toward your objective. Good for longevity.

LAPIS LAZULI Image A stone of focus that helps amplify thought, aids in meditation, and releases you from melancholy. Good for sore throats and fever.


MALACHITE Image Releases stored emotions, allows you to look inward. Useful in alleviating mental illness.

MOONSTONE Image Soothes the emotions as well as the digestive system. Encourages peace and harmony within.

OBSIDIAN Image A stone of protection, particularly from spiritual forces. It will help you to understand and face your deepest fears. Helps with bacterial and viral invasions.

OPAL Image Stone of amplification, enhances mystical experiences and creativity. Balances mood swings.

PYRITE Image A stone of defense and protection, it symbolizes the sun and cleanses the blood.

ROSE QUARTZ Image A stone of love—not just romantic love, but familial and brotherly love as well. Nurturing and comforting, this stone dissipates anger.


SMOKY QUARTZ Image A stone of protection, it stimulates your survival instincts. Enhances focus and fertility.

TIGER’S EYE Image A stone of stability, it heightens personal power and integrity.


TURQUOISE Image A stone of healing, it guards against disease and environmental pollutants.

YELLOW JASPER Image Stimulates the pancreas and the endocrine system. Helps align the energy meridians.