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How to Choose and Activate Your Crystal
Healing for hedge witches

The first step is to determine your needs at the moment. Are you addressing a physical ailment or a spiritual one? Are you going to attempt astral projection or perhaps a spell? Sometimes you might find yourself drawn to a particular stone, so that the stone chooses you, rather than the other way around. Go to a holistic shop and see what calls to you.

If you’re not sure what stone you need, try quartz. It’s the salt in the spice cabinet of crystals.

Once you’ve chosen the type of stone you want to work with, you need to select its shape:

CHUNK Image This is a crystal without noticeable facets—turquoise often comes in this form, as does pyrite. While geodes have some facets, they are considered chunk crystals as well. These are often placed around the living space or work environment to cleanse the atmosphere.


CUT Image This is when a crystal or gem has been shaped to enhance sparkle and capture light, which amplifies the crystal’s energies.


TUMBLED Image These are the stones you’ll find in bins at a science or mystical shop. They are smooth, shiny, and comforting to hold.


WAND Image This type of crystal, rough at one end and pointed at the other, is frequently used in jewelry, but a healer may also use it to direct energies in a more pronounced and targeted way.


Once you’ve chosen a stone, you’ll want to clear it. Your stone didn’t come to you straight from the earth—it was found by others, packaged by others, and handled by others, so their energies have penetrated it. There are several ways to purify your crystal: soaking it in salt water or holding it under running water (preferably a stream, but rain or even your faucet will do in a pinch) are the simplest ways, but if your stone is a bit too delicate for that, you can let it rest with carnelian or clear quartz, which have cleansing properties; do a little smudging (see here); or let the sun or moon work their magic by “washing” the stones in their light.

Once the stone is cleared, it can be activated. While each stone always carries its special properties within itself, you can enhance a stone’s power by programming it with your specific needs and intentions. Clear quartz in particular can become whatever you want it to be and do whatever you require it to do.

Activating your crystal can take any form you desire. This can be as simple as holding the crystal in your hand and setting an intention. You can invoke a higher power, or you can really set the stage for your healing process by performing a ritual.

Stand in pure light, either sunlight or moonlight, depending on your needs, cupping the crystal so that the light shines on it. Speak aloud a phrase of your choosing, invoking love and light in a way that speaks to you. If you are using your crystal for a specific purpose, name that purpose, and focus your intention into the stone. Hold the crystal to your heart and bow your head, giving thanks to the energy within the stone, or to a higher power—whichever feels right to you.

Once you’ve activated your stone, you can use some small-gauge wire and a chain to make it into a necklace for a lovely piece of supportive jewelry. You can simply carry it around in your pocket, put it into a gris-gris bag or incorporate it into your spellwork (see here), or place it around your home to ward and protect you.