Animals - Other powers: your Magic Allies

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Other powers: your Magic Allies


Every living being on Earth has its place in the cosmos and its own specific, unique powers. In addition to the human realm, Earth's children fall into some basic categories or realms:


Spirit Beings

Metals and Minerals


There are basically two ways to approach and work with these powers: as tools and as allies.


Appropriate when you need something or someone to simply perform a specific service for you.


Remember, we're talking “alive” in the magical sense, not in the hospital sense. If you need to refresh your memory about the difference, check back to the glossary.



A basic magic spell is the manipulation of these powers to further your goals. The spell section that follows includes precise and specific details and directions as to which powers may be best approached for your goals and desires.


Maybe this analogy will help: You have a toothache, so you go to the dentist. If the problem can be corrected quickly, perhaps you only need one visit. If the problem is more complex, repeat visits may be required. A few individuals may develop a personal rapport with the dentist, an alliance that transcends the specific treatment, but for most a simple transaction is all that occurs.

On the magical level, let's say you need to stimulate some cash flow quickly, so you invest in some basil, among the most powerful money-drawing plants. Maybe you'll create a basil floor wash, sprinkle some basil infusion near your cash register, take a basil bath or rub basil oil onto your wallet. (Don't worry: instructions follow in the Money Magic section.) Depending upon the complexity of your situation and the depth of your need, perhaps you'll only need to do this once or perhaps a series of spells is in order.

There are three basic steps to incorporating other powers into your magic as tools:

1. You choose a power based upon its ability to perform a specific function or service for you.

2. You use it correctly and respectfully.

3. You store the item, or knowledge of that item, for future use should the need arise again.