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Why Do Spirits Help Us?
Spirit Land
Other powers: your Magic Allies

Spirits assist us for any number of reasons. Some do it because they like us. Some do it because, basically, it's their job. That's their function, their raison d'être. If you needed legal advice, you'd call a lawyer. If your child needs special spiritual protection, you might consider calling Bes or Kwan Yin.

Spirits assist humans for other reasons. Some do it as professional patronage. Hecate is matron of midwives. If you are a working midwife, you've earned the right to call upon her. Tanit sponsors astrologers. If you need help, in any department, her door is open for you. Coatlique may be fierce and forbidding to most but she has a soft spot for florists.

Some spirits feel ties of ethnic loyalty. Atargatis is especially fond of Syria. If that is your cultural origin or if you possess some other type of tie, consider that you have her private number. In African-influenced Brazil, Yemaya, Queen of the Sea is a national heroine: any African who survived the Middle Passage is believed to have done so via her grace. Any descendant of those individuals can feel that communication has already been established, the phone lines are open.

Some spirits love certain people because they recognize something of their essence within them. Anat suffers terribly from infertility; she has been known to heal human women who share her experience. Demeter suffered the trauma of a kidnapped child; if that's your personal pain, she shares it.

If a spirit resonates for you, odds are it's because they're already calling you, already lingering in the shadows. Should this ultimately not be a relationship you desire, respectfully decline. Take a moment to explain (English or other human language is just fine; they tend to understand us a lot better than we understand them), perhaps burn a little frankincense or something similar as a sign of respect but just say no, thank you. You don't have to accept anything that doesn't feel right to you, whether these are favors, gifts or advice.

Should you accept, however, or at least not clearly decline, the spirits do expect to get paid. These are mutually beneficial relationships: on some level, spirits benefit from us, too. They feed of our energy, our offerings, our attention. However, they are independent, they do not exist solely to serve us. Always assume that even the lowest level spirit being has powers greater than a human's, or at least possesses a few tricks up their sleeves. Frankly, the more powerful they are, the more generally benevolent they tend to be. It is best to be as specific as you can while working with spirits. Ask for the one you want by name, don't just put out a general call. Herein lies the danger of the Ouija board; spirits sitting around with nothing to do tend to be the ones no one else has called for and probably for good reason. Ouija boards are an excellent device should you have an appointment with a spiritual entity whom you already trust. However, haphazardly using one to call whoever is around is a little like opening your front door in a busy metropolis and allowing whoever is passing by with nothing better to do to enter your home.


Consider a one-time favor to be somewhat like a commission. Very specifically and explicitly tell them what you desire, what your method of payment will be and when to expect it.


Be as specific and clear when communicating as possible. Let them know what you want, a relationship or a favor. Relationships are ongoing: the spirit assists you, you're expected to demonstrate respect and appreciation periodically. The finest human/spirit relationships are filled with mutual love and respect.


· Artistic expression. Create a tribute to the spirit's power and generosity. Let inspiration and ability guide you as to whether poetry, painting, a Web site or other medium is most appropriate.

· Rituals honor the spirits and increase their power as well. Let circumstances and the spirits themselves guide you as to the nature and form of your ritual. Moroccan women offer henna parties in the name of their spirit helpers. Water spirits may appreciate a journey to the beach while fiery types may prefer some candles. Bursts of intuition are often messages from the spirit world: let them tell you what they want.

· Most spirits have animals and plant allies of whom they are very fond. These animals are their most frequent messengers, in dreams and elsewhere. Any good deed performed upon their behalf will be greatly appreciated by the spirit.