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Spirit Land
Other powers: your Magic Allies

The most accessible, responsive spirits of all may be your personal ancestral spirits. It is assumed in many cultures, that following death, some part of the individual stays behind to provide protection to descendants. The remaining family in return is expected to remember them, honor that memory, be a source of pride and perhaps offer gestures of respect on occasion.

Although you may always petition anyone with whom you feel kinship, by definition, ancestral spirits must be deceased blood relatives. It is not necessary for you to know who they actually were nor do you need to know their names, although any details you have strengthen the process. Which ancestors should you appeal to? Whichever ones you want. Your actual descent, your DNA if you will, goes back to the dawning of human time. If you're not comfortable with your immediate ancestors, go back further. Visualize them hovering over you, waiting to be honored and put to work.


Are you a messy eater? If food constantly falls off your fork, if it's always dropping onto your clothes, this may be your ancestors telling you they want a word with you. Set up some communication and see whether your table habits suddenly become neater.


To communicate, pay homage or ask for direction, erect a family altar. All that is required is a glass of pure springwater and a white candle. Burn candles for seven days, extinguishing the flames when not supervised. The spirits care about your safety. It's not necessary to change the water or add to it if it evaporates. If it pleases you, make a more elaborate altar. Put out photographs of relatives if you have them or display something that symbolizes those relations for you. If you think they'd really prefer a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or something stronger, place that out in addition. (The water is a requirement; it's more for purposes of attracting spiritual attention than for drinking.) Serve the ancestors food they would like, food representative of your ancestry and their time. If that isn't possible, offer them something special to you. Offer them what you would give them if they could visit and tell you of their and your history, offer you advice born of observation and wisdom.