Crystals - Minerals and Metals - Other powers: your Magic Allies

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Minerals and Metals
Other powers: your Magic Allies

Rocks, crystals and gemstones are used for healing, to balance and enhance emotions and to stimulate specific skills. Magically, they are used for attraction and protection. The jewelry we crave may reveal important information about our spiritual and physical needs. If you only wear jewelry for adornment, you are settling for very little, as it can also serve as a shield against evil influences and a magnet to attract good fortune.


Choose one whose attributes match your needs and desires. Allow your heart to choose. Which appeals to you, which calls to you? Which intrigues you? It will be a mutual agreement. The crystal chooses you as much as you choose it. If a stone doesn't wish to work with you, for whatever reason, perhaps because it's not beneficial for you, it won't stay. If you keep losing the same piece of jewelry or if a stone keeps popping out of a ring, perhaps it's best to retire it for a while or give it to someone else. Likewise, stones and metals that appear out of nowhere or are given to you as gifts deserve a second glance even if at first they weren't what you wished for.

Like other families of powers, minerals can be used as tools or as allies. They're fairly simple to use as tools, all you have to do is recognize them as helpful objects radiating various forces and influences and magnetically attracting others. In order to benefit from them, you need physical proximity.

· Crystals and gemstones are used as talismans, in mojo hands, as meditation tools, for healing and massage.

· Water can be infused with a crystal's energy for use in baths, potions and room sprays: place the crystal in pure springwater overnight under the moon.

· Placing crystals in your bath (larger ones that can't go down the drain) stimulates energy and spiritual cleansing.

· Crystals can be used to empower altars and candles.

Crystals and gemstones absorb and store energy: they may need to be cleansed periodically, fed and recharged. Various methods for cleaning exist. Choose what feels most appropriate for you.

· Bury the stone in Earth overnight or for up to seven days. This is strongest and most efficient if done outside, however, if you have little available access, a flowerpot filled with dirt works, too. If burying outside, make sure you mark the spot, unless you're considering returning the stone to Earth's womb.

· Place the crystal in direct sunlight or give alternating sun/moon baths.

· Pass the crystal through cleansing incense smoke. Copal, frankincense, mugwort or sage are particularly potent and effective.

· Clear crystals may benefit from saltwater; either collect ocean water or add sea salt to springwater. A splash of apple cider vinegar added to the water may be beneficial, too.

· Don't expose colored crystals to salt. It has a tendency to leach their color or to even damage the more fragile ones, like moldavite. Use sun/moon baths for delicate crystals. Alternately, add a few drops of Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy or similar flower essence formula to pure springwater instead, particularly following any stressful or traumatic situation.

Crystals exert their power most forcefully if used as allies rather than tools. In order to do this, however, you must be able to acknowledge that they have “life” of some sort, even if not identical to what humans know as life. In order to communicate with them and receive information, you must be able to acknowledge that minerals possess some type of consciousness.

Crystals do attempt to communicate with you, in their own way, as visually as they can. If kept in constant contact with the flesh, crystals and gemstones (the distinction having to do with scarcity and monetary worth) provide a running commentary on your state of being. Turquoise, for instance, loses its luster and may even crack, if you are ill or surrounded by toxins. Blue topaz provides a barometer of your sex life: it darkens and turns cloudy if your experiences are consistently miserable. Rubies grow pale if you have a blood dysfunction or if you are generally devitalized. In order to provide this information to you, the stones must actually touch your skin. Make sure your jewelry settings allow this. Clear quartz and amethyst serve as environmental cleansers. Lack of sparkle and a dull appearance indicate that they're full to the brim with toxic substances like a vacuum cleaner bag stuffed full. They need to be emptied and cleansed.

Crystals and gemstones exist in endless varieties. As with fragrance and herbs, more are readily available to us than ever before. As with spirits, there are crystals for virtually every purpose. However, there are some crystals that specifically boost our psychic abilities and enhance our magical power.

Lodestone: also know as magnetite, is magnetic iron ore and a powerful magical tool. Lodestones are used to draw whatever you need to you, whether it's enhanced personal power, gambling luck, money or true love. Wearing or carrying a lodestone is believed to enhance and protect your own personal power. Lodestones can also draw out toxic blocks and pain, emotional as well as physical. Place upon the appropriate spot during meditation, ritual or visualization.

Although lodestones are powerful, to be most effective their power must be consistently replenished.

· In Hoodoo tradition, lodestones are fed with magnetic sand (fine iron shot) or dressed with fragrance oils. Coordinate the oil to suit your magical purpose. Thus if you want the lodestone to draw prosperity, choose one of the money-drawing oils from the Spell section.

· In a Mexican tradition, lodestones are put to work during the week, worn on a chain around the neck or in a medicine pouch, but taken off on Friday night and given the weekend off. To replenish the stone's energy, it's placed in a glass of either water or wine overnight and then fed iron filings on Saturday before being placed around the neck once again on Sunday night or Monday morning.

Moldavite: enhances psychic ability and perceptions and can be a truly intense ally. At its finest, moldavite provides a grounding, healing effect for those who don't feel at home here on Earth, those who feel like strangers and also for those who may need extra protection against environmental toxins. If you discover yourself feeling disconnected or “spacey,” minimize contact with moldavite for a while. Some consider it safer not to wear or carry it while driving or reserve it only for ritual use. It is a particularly fragile stone; don't cleanse with salt.


Use moonstone to contact others. Cuprite, a deep red stone with a high copper content, helps access information regarding your own past lives. It also helps to heal and forge relationships with fathers, both earthly and spiritual.


Moonstone: is known as the “Earth Mother Stone” and is considered a prime psychic stimulant. Its energy is powerfully aligned with the moon. Women who are already very psychic or lunar-influenced might want to avoid close proximity to moonstone during their own moontime because it may stimulate psychic imbalance and hypersensitivity.

You can replenish your stone's power by placing it in moonlight overnight. Another old nickname for this stone is “Wolf's Eye,” indicating that the stone can be used to sharpen your perception of spirits and ghosts.

Quartz: looks like beautiful ice. Among the most beneficial and versatile of magical tools, clear quartz crystals are made into magical knives and incorporated into magic wands. Used to activate, cleanse and stimulate powers, yours or any other, quartz protects your vitality. Place quartz crystals near botanicals to encourage growth and enhance power. Pack a crystal in with Tarot cards or any other divination or magic tool. Quartz provides guidance and protection for spiritual quests.

Smoky Quartz: is a protective ally during magic or any psychic journeys. It promotes knowledge, security and creativity. Smoky quartz is particularly beneficial for contacting ancestral spirits: place it on an altar, inside a dream pillow or gaze within the stone.

Sodalite: helps develop magical ability and endurance. Place it on the Third Eye chakra, just slightly above the space between your brows, to stimulate psychic perceptive capacity.

Topaz: is traditionally used to contact spirit allies and offers a window into other dimensions. It helps maintain emotional balance while expanding one's magic skills. It helps overcome fear of the unknown and to develop trust in Earth. Topaz provides a calming effect. Topaz comes in various shades. Use the color that evokes the deepest sense of peace and serenity for you.


Crystals open windows to the future and past and help us cope with the present. A round, clear quartz ball is the most traditional material for crystal gazing, however, different types and shapes of crystal can be used as well. Aquamarine lends itself very well to the art while a smoky quartz ball is considered especially beneficial for communicating with spirits and ghosts. Smooth obsidian mirrors are a traditional Mexican divination tool. Any crystal can be used, however. You can crystal-gaze with an uncut or unshaped crystal as successfully as with a ball.

The key ingredient to success is your attitude. You must recognize that crystal gazing is an interactive process that enables your crystal to most fully serve as your ally, providing you with knowledge, information and inspiration. It isn't something that you can demand from a crystal: Information is given cooperatively with an attitude of love and respect.

How Do I Crystal-Gaze?

· First sit down with your crystal as you would with a treasured friend. Make sure you have a comfortable area and privacy.

· You might want to burn some incense to cleanse and enhance the atmosphere, your receptivity, and your crystal's clarity and ability. Mugwort loosens restrictions on your psychic power. White sage blocks the entry of negative spiritual entities. Smoke from copal, Dittany of Crete, frankincense and/or wormwood signals an invitation to the spirits.

· When you're ready, gaze into your crystal. The trick, which takes a little practice, is finding the correct balance between relaxation and a fixed stare. You want to gaze intently but also allow your gaze to be loose, a little out of focus. Let your eyes wander and explore the depths of your crystal. Don't allow any distractions. When you see shadows form within the crystal, follow them.

· When you have completed your journey, smudge, burn incense, take a magic or protective bath or in some way provide a conclusion for your ritual.


Crystal Bead Bracelet

These are among the most popular modern amulets. At best, they're extremely effective as the stones are in constant contact with the skin, right at the wrist pulse. (You can also adapt these instructions to make necklaces or anklets: just vary the length of cord and the quantity of beads.) Unfortunately, may of the bracelets on the market are made from plastic beads and hold no power. Choose your own beads for your own purpose. Using one type of crystal gemstone bead intensifies the effect; you can also mix and match beads, however. Once you've gathered your materials, you can custom-make a bracelet in less than ten minutes.

Crystal beads

One Crimp Bead

Elastic Cord

The quantity of beads required is dependent upon the size of the beads and the size of the wearer's wrist. String the beads onto the desired length of cord, leaving an inch of empty space on either end of the beads. String a crimp bead onto one end of the cord. Bring the loose end around to form a circle. Fit this loose end through the opposite end of the crimp bead. Pull both ends tight and press down on the crimp bead (you may need crimping pliers). Tie both ends of the cord into a knot and trim.