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Minerals and Metals
Other powers: your Magic Allies

Although the magic power of crystals is widely recognized, the influence radiated by metal is often ignored. This is unfortunate, as most of us come into daily contact with metal, particularly in terms of jewelry. Metal, too, radiates a powerful influence. In Chinese philosophy, metal is considered so essential and powerful that it is classified as one of the elements, right alongside fire, water, air and earth.


The metal most associated with magic is iron. Although not shiny or beautiful like silver or gold, at times iron's value was perceived as superior. The invading Spaniards, for instance, noted that Aztec priests prized their iron ritual knives above their golden ones. Throughout the traditional cultures of Africa and Western Asia, ironworkers were and still are considered master magical practitioners, simultaneously respected and feared. Known as Masters of Fire, they are believed to have access to the secrets of Earth's womb. Because extraction of metals and precious substances from Earth was considered safe only if one possessed alliances with powerful spirits, the ironworker's skill and well-being laid testament to his personal magical prowess. Ironworkers often double as herbal physicians and amulet carvers.


Because iron is not found in its pure state except as a meteorite, it was known as the “Metal of Heaven.” Iron's celestial origins were recognized early in human history and meteorites were perceived as supreme conduits to the spirit realm. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus was one of the ancient world's Seven Wonders: the original statue housed inside was carved from a meteorite. Likewise, the most sacred representation of the great goddess Cybele was an uncut meteor.


· Iron is prized for its protective and healing capacities. Iron boxes safeguard magical treasures and keep their powers intact. An iron bed protects you from spiritual dangers, enhances the dream process and promotes physical healing.

· As iron is also associated with virility and fertility, an iron bed is also considered conducive for romance and conception. A necklace of round iron beads serves as a fertility talisman.

· Iron is associated with the well-being of children. In India and throughout Europe, iron amulets are placed near cradles to provide protection for newborns and children. In Africa, iron anklets are believed to hold a child to Earth; in China, small iron locks worn around the neck serve the same function.

· Bend a horseshoe nail into a ring for good health and fortune.

Associated Planet: Mars

Associated Spirit: Ogun


Although there are various types of metal, copper, gold and silver are most commonly worn as jewelry. It's worthwhile to consider what sort of power radiates from each.


Copper is a purely positive metal. Considered to hold sacred properties by various cultures in North America and India, copper stimulates healing and romance.

· Copper's healing powers are especially prized for counteracting joint or nerve pain. The copper bracelet is well-known, however there are other ways to access copper's healing capacities. During the Middle Ages, Europeans commonly wrapped pure copper wire around their waist to relieve rheumatism. In India, rings and earrings are fashioned from copper to ward off the Sciatica Spirit.

· Copper jewelry is worn as a talisman to attract and maintain romance.

Associated Planet: Venus

Associated Deities: Aphrodite, Oshun


Silver, like copper, is considered a purely positive metal. No ill effects can come from wearing it, nor is any quantity considered unhealthy. Silver is considered clean and incorruptible. Silver is believed to provide a spiritually protective influence and is among the most popular materials for amulets.

· Silver bells maintain the safety of one's aura and immediate area. Ring them if you feel spiritually endangered. Keep one close to your bed if you suffer from nightmares to dispel any lingering bad dreams.

· Silver is believed to regenerate fertility. Fertility charms are most potent if carved from this metal.

Associated Planet: Moon

Associated Deities: Artemis, Diana


Wear copper jewelry to attract love. Switch to silver if you wish to start a family.



Gold, although universally desired, is considered with ambivalence. Although beautiful and precious, it is feared as a corrupting influence and as an addictive substance, potentially as dangerous and destructive as any narcotic. In fairy tales, dangerous rings that appear enticing but really guarantee disaster for the wearer, are inevitably formed from gold. Gold is considered safest when worn by spiritually mature and grounded healers and teachers.

· Chinese tradition values gold for maintaining personal vitality. Wear small amounts, balanced with healing, protective metals and stones.

· Ancient Scandinavians treasured small gold amulets carried as magnets for attracting prosperity.

Associated Planet: Sun

Associated Spirit: Freya

Gold Fever Do you have gold fever? You do if you suffer from a hunger for acquisitiveness, if you are driven by an urge to possess, if what you already have is never sufficient to satisfy your cravings. Wearing great quantities of gold on a daily basis is likely to contribute to, or create this imbalance, however there are individuals who are particularly vulnerable to even small amounts of gold. There is a ritual remedy. You and your jewelry both need to be cleansed:

1. At the full moon, remove all the gold that you wear, including a wedding ring.

2. Cleanse the metal by passing through sage or juniper smoke. (If your fever is bad, don't pass it too quickly. Let the metal linger in the smoke.)

3. Place the metal to rest, exposed to the moonlight, on a white linen or cotton cloth.

4. You will need two baths, a cleansing bath at night, followed by a protective bath the following morning. Choose those that appeal to you from the Spell section.

5. Do not replace any jewelry until the second bath is completed. After your protective bath, select one piece of jewelry to return to your body. Wrap other pieces safely and securely, ideally in a magic box, enhanced with iron or protective crystals or herbs.

6. Select one additional piece of gold to wear each morning, paying attention to whether your sense of balance is maintained. As soon as you feel that balance tip, you've reached your limit.

7. Remove the last piece and make a mental tally: You can determine what quantity of gold is not detrimental by either the number of pieces or by accumulated mass. Do not exceed that quantity, although you may vary the pieces. Whenever you feel a relapse, repeat the process. Bolster with cleansing baths as needed.