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The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Flower Essences
Other powers: your Magic Allies

Witches, alchemists and all those steeped in Earth wisdom have always treasured dew, rain and moisture gathered from plants. Infused with the specific power belonging to the plant, the tiny particles of liquid were also perceived as containing the perfect balance of the four elements: not only the power of water but also that of Earth, as radiated through the plant, the surrounding air and fire from the shining sun.

The ancients were limited to the plants growing on their doorsteps. You are not. The modern science of flower essences brings the power of plants from all over Earth directly to you.

The direct descendant of these botanical potions, the flower essences were first prepared in their modern form in Great Britain in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent Harley Street physician and homeopath. Dr. Bach came to the conclusion that true complete healing was not possible if approached solely from the physical plane. Emotional and spiritual imbalances were the root of illness and dysfunction, and therefore true healing must be accessed through soul and emotion. He devoted the rest of his life, at great personal sacrifice, to developing the original flower essence remedies. Dr. Bach reported that the plants communicated directly with him, sharing their secrets with him.

Dr. Bach's original thirty-eight remedies were almost entirely derived from British flora. Emerging during the Great Depression, the bulk of the remedies served especially to relieve confusion, despair, depression and fear. Since that time, many other flower essence practitioners have followed in Dr. Bach's pioneering footsteps so that there is now greater access to a wider variety of botanical powers than ever before. The availability of flower essences range as far afield as the Australian Bush, the Sonora Desert, the Alaskan wilderness, Hawaii, California and the rainforests of Peru. As befitting true New Age substances, many were created specifically to facilitate metaphysical and spiritual goals. There are specific essences for strengthening and accessing your magical skills, also for healing divisions between the genders and building bridges to other spiritual realms.


· The most common method of use is internal. Flower essences are usually sold as concentrated stock bottles and must be further diluted in pure springwater. The general dosage is four drops four times a day, however instructions are available on the bottles or from the manufacturers.

· Flower essences can also be applied topically, rubbed gently onto the body. A few drops on the soles of the feet or on the thin skin between thumb and forefinger before bedtime are especially beneficial. Flower essences can also be added to massage oil or bath.

· A room spray or atmospheric cleanser can be created by adding flower essences to a spray bottle of springwater.

· Flower essences can be used to enhance and heal the power of crystals, plants and amulets. Apply a few drops as needed.

Although flower essences and essential oils have confusingly similar names and are sold in very similar packages (tiny glass vials), they are by no means identical or interchangeable. Essential oils are actually plant extracts, with extremely potent and scientifically documented physical effects. All essential oils, for instance, are antiseptic, to varying degrees. How flower essences work remains the subject of debate, the general consensus being that they are a form of vibrational healing. Flower essences are pure water infused and charged with the plant's energy and vibration. There is no need to kill the plant to create the essence; typically only carefully selected leaves and blossoms are used. The essences are designed to provide a bridge between the plant's healing aura and your own. There is no direct physical effect; instead their profound effect is felt upon the emotional and spiritual plane. They are safe for everyone's use, children and animals included. Flower essence remedies can also be used to benefit plants and crystals.

Flower essences are created for every situation and emotional state. Good source books will bestow a sense of their scope. The following flower essences are especially beneficial for enhancing your magical aptitude. Descriptions of the essences are followed by the name of their manufacturer. Flower essences are available directly from the manufacturer (listed in the Appendix on page 271) and also from many health food stores and alternatively oriented pharmacies.

Angelica (Angelica arcangelica): enhances the ability to perceive and recognize protection and guidance from spirit beings, especially angels. It is indicated for those who feel bereft of spiritual guidance and protection and can be especially beneficial during threshold experiences. (FES)

Angel's Trumpet (Datura candida): provides assistance for those who would like to do psychic work but can't quite accept the reality of psychic forces and energies. (FES)

Green Bells of Ireland (Molucella laevis): recommended for those who feel ungrounded, those who lack a conscious heart connection to the natural world and also for those who feel unaware of, or unable to access, the light and intelligence present in nature. This remedy is intended to strengthen the connection between Earth and one's body. (Alaskan Flower Essence Project, Pegasus)

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris): the single most profound essence for evoking psychic skill and perceptions, it promotes alignment with the moon, corrects imbalances in the feminine cycle and promotes greater awareness of dreams and psychic ability. (FES, Pegasus)

Saguaro (Cereus giganteus): Because balance is crucial, with all this talk of Earth Mother energy, this essence enhances appreciation of the male energy that serves as protector, provider and true partner to Earth's feminine energy. For men, saguaro can help forge a path; for women, it helps heal losses. For both, it provides inspiration and healing. Saguaro eases a sense of alienation from one's own parentage and spiritual traditions. Saguaro reinforces an awareness of the ancient and sacred. It provides a sense of lineage, a linking of oneself to Earth's holy traditions. (Desert Alchemy, FES, Pegasus)

Saint John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum): increases spiritual awareness and consciousness. It also has a protective capacity. As your psychic work and ability increases, as you become increasingly aware of other powers, feelings of vulnerability may arise. Saint John's Wort provides a psychic shield, soothes fears, provides courage and security and calms the effects of disturbing dreams. (Desert Alchemy, FES, Pegasus)

Star Tulip (Calochorus tolmiei): creates an aura of receptivity and enables one to tune into other energies, particularly in dreams and meditation. Star tulip is indicated for those who feel hard and brittle, cut off from Earth and other living beings, especially for those who are unable to meditate or pray but yet feel the need. Star tulip stimulates psychic awakening and receptivity to one's inner voices. (FES)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium): strengthens and cleanses the personal aura and provides a profound psychic shield. It is indicated for those who feel drained by exposure to toxic forces, whether physical, spiritual or human. (Alaskan Flower Essence Project, Desert Alchemy, FES, Pegasus)