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The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

The Magic Garden
Other powers: your Magic Allies


A magical garden is a collaboration between nature and yourself; not merely the imposition of your will. Your garden needs to be tended enough to keep the plants healthy, but not so much that the plants are deprived of their power. Give them some free reign. Chamomile is the plant doctor. Place it near plants that are ailing. If you see chamomile start to creep, watch where it goes. It may be paying a house call. Likewise, round circles of tree seedlings, especially ash seedlings, mark a fairy dance ground. If you let it remain, so will the fairies.


A magic garden transforms a portion of Earth into a living altar. Rather than landscaping based solely on superficial appearance or ease of availability (for instance, going to the nursery and seeing what's on sale) plants are carefully selected based upon the power that they radiate. Everyone's magic garden is unique because the botanical power is combined with your own. There are no limitations based upon the size of your garden. You may have acres or a tiny space. You may choose to convert your whole backyard or reserve a tiny corner for ritual use. Apartment dwellers can create their magic gardens in pots, on windowsills, ledges or fire escapes. You can purchase whole plants or receive cuttings from others. However, the single most basic and primal magic exercise is growing plants from seeds. Just as salt and honey are camouflaged as everyday ingredients, so sprouting seeds is too often relegated to a child's kindergarten project. Historically, cultivation has been an act fraught with magic, ritual and power.

Magic gardens can be created to serve various purposes: to attract money, love or protection, to honor a spirit or animal ally. Plant allies can be gathered around you for any purpose, not least being pleasure. We'll examine different sample gardens in the Spell section, but for now, let your imagination flow freely. Visualize your magic garden as a living altar: add statues, crystals and fragrance however you are inspired.

Every culture, every spiritual school has its own sacred plants. These can be gathered together to create a place of Earthly power and a bower to replenish your own energy.


Druid Herb Garden

Queen of the Meadow



Water mint

These were among the Druids' most cherished plants. Water mint thrives in a somewhat damp climate. Substitute another mint to suit your climate.