Where to Practice Magic - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Where to Practice Magic

Any place you feel comfortable expressing your power is the best place to practice magic. Ultimately, magic is the expression of your power, so wherever that power shines brightest is the right place for you. Some places, however, contribute some extra power of their own. Outside, look for threshold areas.

· The seashore, where ocean meets land.

· Beside a natural source of water, a river, spring or lake, provided the area is not too “tame,” provided you can perceive some wild, natural power.

· Within a circle of trees. (Count how many trees are in your circle and study the mystical significance of the number.)

· On a mountain or in the desert.

· In your own magic garden.

The potential for power is always greater outside if you stand with your bare feet on Earth or in natural living water. Be respectful and walk gently upon Earth.

There are places of power inside your home, too. A lot of your magic may be brewed up in your kitchen. Arrange botanicals and crystals so that they empower and cleanse the atmosphere, providing you with some extra surges of power. Check under the Protection Spells section on page 149 for some hints.


Submerging oneself in water is among Earth's oldest magical rituals. Once upon a time, people regularly journeyed to sacred springs, rivers, lakes and oceans. Some still do, for spiritual ritual or health. Modern technology has provided you with your own sacred water shrine: your bathroom. You have your own source of water, although it is up to you to boost its healing powers via herbs and oils. It is also one of the few places that modern people are usually granted a modicum of privacy, the privacy sometimes necessary to maintain magical focus. Your bathroom is easily converted into a magic laboratory and shrine. This can be discreetly and quickly done, even if you share one bathroom with a large household. A bathtub is preferable for enchantments, as it encourages you to linger and allows you to submerge, but with a little imagination, a shower stall can be adapted as well.


Some spirits actually prefer that their altars be placed in bathrooms. Any spirit that is associated with the water element will be happy ensconced in the most watery room of your house. These spirits of water tend to be purveyors of romance, sensuality and women's good health. Enjoy a long, soothing soak and listen to their advice.


· Decorate a small area with shells, images of fish and mermaids, anything marine oriented.

· Bring candles, crystals or incense into the bathroom, too.

· Place beach sand in glass containers so that you can run your fingers through it whenever you need to feel the Earth Mother's presence.