Words of Power - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Words of Power

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight . . .”

For many people, magic doesn't feel real or complete unless there is a verbal accompaniment, a little rhyme perhaps or some mysterious phrase. In some traditions every spell has a verbal component. In fantasy magic, cartoons or fiction, magic spells may consist of words alone: hocus pocus or abracadabra.

Words, however, can be very tricky. Just look at abracadabra Its origins lie in ancient Hebrew word amulets. For some, it remains a genuine word of power but for many others, it's a joke. Because words are so personal, I haven't assigned any specific words or rhymes for spells, although some come with suggestions. Words are supposed to increase the power of your magic; if anything makes you feel silly, foolish or self-conscious, then it's having the opposite effect. My recommendation is to make up your own.


Low-level malevolent spirits have been known to lurk in bathrooms near the toilet. Chinese tradition has protective Spirits of the Lavatory to deal with them, but essential oil of cajuput can also do the trick. Just sprinkle a drop or two near the toilet bowl periodically, particularly if someone is ill.


· Say what you feel as simply, clearly and concisely as you can. Consider the implications of all that you say and make sure that what you are expressing is what you truly mean.

· Rhymes are useful, if only because they're easy to remember if you need to repeat them.

· Positive affirmations are great, too. Always speak in the present tense because speaking in the future, “I will be happy” versus “I am happy” keeps your destiny always out of reach.