Let's Get Real: Realistic Expectations of Magic - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Let's Get Real: Realistic Expectations of Magic

Magical powers are natural powers. Magic is part of real life. Magic is not an excuse to assume that Earthly laws, the rules of nature, will somehow be suspended, that exceptions will be made for you. Magic just reminds us that Earth's laws are a little more complex than we often care to remember.

Remember, thinking symbolically means that things operate on multiple levels simultaneously. Yes, that big, strange, stray dog may be your response to a petition from Hecate but no, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should approach and pet it. Seeing a coyote in your neighborhood is powerful good luck but not if you leave your little Dandie Dinmont terrier in the backyard unattended. Magic isn't license to abandon common sense. Ideally, they enhance each other.

Magic doesn't supersede the laws of nature: it is a law of nature. Magic works best in conjunction with other efforts on other planes, as mutual reinforcement. You can do all the fertility spells you like; if you're not having sex, too, or at least in vitro, they can't work. Even Isis, who can revive the dead, at least momentarily, needed that golden penis. No matter how many professional success candles you light, if you don't show up for the job interview, you're wasting the wax. There are contraceptive spells. These aren't intended to allow you to forget biological cycles: they work hand-in-hand reinforcing each other. Don't use magic as a challenge to Earth, unless you don't care who wins.

What does it mean when, despite your best efforts, your spell just doesn't work, when, as Muddy Waters sings, “I've got my mojo working but it just don't work on you”? When a medication doesn't help, we don't throw out the whole pharmacy, yet so many of us are willing to throw in the towel on magic, to refute its existence, when a spell doesn't work for us.

Maybe something in the preparation of the spell wasn't completely correct. Maybe the most beneficial time or day wasn't chosen. Maybe the energy wasn't right. Sometimes the spell bears repeating or sometimes, it just isn't the right spell for you. You may need to substitute another. Sometimes magic just doesn't operate on the schedule we desire and all that's called for is a little patience.

Sometimes, when a spell doesn't work, it's a message from the Earth Mother to reassess your situation and alternatives. Once in a while, we ask for things that we sincerely believe at that time to be in our best interest but the Earth Mother thinks different. Sometimes the powers that be don't grant our wishes or they put obstacles in the way of our magic for our own protection. How many of us, years later, have looked back wonderingly at narrow escapes, grateful we didn't receive what we requested at the time? When a charm consistently fails, consider whether this is your scenario: Are you really asking for what's best for you?

Magic involves energy adjustments. With a little experience, you will feel something, I can only describe it as being like a “click,” that indicates that your spell is complete and likely to be successful. It's like a key in a lock, you can play and play with it, but when it actually turns and opens, you're aware, you feel it as it's opening the door. You'll also feel right away if the spell doesn't work. No need to wait for weeks; you'll know pretty immediately if you need to find an alternative. This awareness comes with experience and experience can only follow practice.