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Protection Spells

The primary purpose of protection spells is psychic self-defense: The removal and repelling of any malevolent energy attached to you or directed toward you. If you're afraid, if you possess that uneasy feeling that something is just not right, a protection spell can help rebuild confidence while providing a psychic shield.

Sometimes there's a fine line between aura-cleansing/purification spells and protection spells. A few of the strongest powers, rosemary or salt, for instance, may provide both effects. How will you know which spell you need? In general, cleansing spells provide internal psychic repairs and replenishment while protection spells create a spiritual shield that deflects danger from external sources.

For example:

· You've just witnessed a car accident and you are unnerved. Your protective aura may have been breached: draw a purification bath.

· You're terribly afraid you'll have a car crash, you possess a great sense of foreboding: take protective measures instead, or in addition to a purification ritual.

Many psychic practitioners perceive protection and purification spells to be two sides of a coin, both necessary steps to hone and enhance your personal power to the utmost degree.