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The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Psychic Enhancement Spells

There are powers and tools to provide every goal but there are also powers and tools to draw out and enhance your inherent psychic potential. The previous sections have examined in detail psychic-enhancing animal and spirit allies, crystals, metals and plants. Here are some potions, spells and rituals to further enhance your own personal power.


Psychic Stimulation Tea

1 tablespoon dried mugwort

1 teaspoon dried lemon balm

1 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves

1 teaspoon dried yarrow

¼ teaspoon coarsely ground cinnamon

Grind ingredients in mortar and pestle and place in a teapot. Pour boiling water over them and allow to brew for 10 minutes. Strain and drink.


Psychic Enhancement Spice Necklace

Angelica root*


Juniper berries


Star anise

2 sewing needles

Approximately 36 inches of strong thread, dental floss or monofilament (fishline)

These spices enhance psychic ability and the cloves and angelica also offer spiritual protection as you delve into the depths.

1. Soak the roots and spices overnight to soften them.

2. Cut the angelica root into the desired size.

3. Thread each end of the cord through one needle.

4. Add spices in the design of your choice, creating a symmetric pattern by using first one side of the thread, then the other. Arrange the smooth, round juniper berries so they will rest against your neck.

5. Focus on your goals and desires as you pierce and string the beads.

6. When each side measures 14 inches to the center, tie the ends of the thread, knot firmly and hang to air-dry.

7. Once dried, if cared for gently, your necklace will last for years.

· Wear this necklace during enchantments or divination.

· Store it together with your magical tools, Tarot cards or crystals to enhance and empower them and to harmonize your energy with theirs.


Spirit Ally

Dionysus, youngest of the Olympian Spirits, was forced to hide anonymously, vulnerable until he reached psychic and physical maturity. Only when, as the Greeks put it, he had “come into his power” could he openly take his place among the other gods, demonstrate his potency and fulfill his destiny. Dionysus recalls the frustration of being on the cusp of power and responds to pleas for assistance. His sacred attributes are grapes, wine, pines, leopards and donkeys.



Psychic Power Incense

To stimulate psychic perceptions and aptitude.

Celery seed

Powdered orrisroot

Keep the proportions equal. Use a pinch of both botanicals, if lighting on a small charcoal. Use 1 teaspoon each, if you have a larger censer.


Isis Oil

This oil, for bath or massage, imparts a little of Isis' psychic power and perceptions and petitions her for protection.

Tiny bloodstone crystal (even a chip!)

2 drops essential oil of ambrette seed


A garland of mugwort worn around the waist stimulates psychic capacity.


2 drops essential oil of jasmine

5 drops essential oil of myrrh

2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

Put the bloodstone inside a vial or container that can be shut tight. (The size of your container is dependant on the bloodstone: the tinier the better.) Add the essential oils to the almond oil and pour into your container. Close the container tight and roll it gently to distribute the oils. Use 1 drop at a time to anoint your third eye (on your lower forehead; centered just slightly above the bridge of your nose).


Water is the element most associated with psychic capacity and reception. Individuals born with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) prominent in their natal charts usually find that they have ready access to their psychic gifts. The following potion harnesses water power to increase your own. It's named for Marie Laveau, the first celebrity Voodoo practitioner. Born a free woman of color in New Orleans in 1792, she worked as a hairdresser, had fifteen children, none of whom succumbed to the dread Yellow Fever epidemics, and was renowned for her power and good deeds.


In German tradition, a piece of mistletoe carried into your new dwelling allows you to see any ghosts and communicate with them (i.e. find out why they're there and if they're friendly).



Marie Laveau Water

1 cup springwater

1 cup rainwater

1 cup rose water

1 cup holy water (check back at the entry for “water” in the Glossary to refresh your memory)

20 drops essential oil of lavender

Combine all the ingredients in an airtight bottle and shake vigorously. Add to your bath or use as inspired for psychic enhancement, aura cleansing and protection.


New Orleans Style Psychic Enhancement Bath

6 drops essential oil of rose geranium

6 drops essential oil of lavender

1. Draw a full bath of comfortably warm water.

2. Add the essential oils just prior to entering the water.


Moon Bath Salts

1 cup sea salts

½ cup baking soda

¼ cup powdered orrisroot

¼ cup dried vervain

5 drops essential oil of cypress

To enhance psychic receptivity and improve your intuition.

1. Combine the salt, baking soda and dried herbs.

2. Add to the bath as the water is running.

3. Add the cypress oil just as you enter the bath.


This next bath increases psychic inspiration while simultaneously cleansing the aura.

· Bay leaves, the crucial ingredient, are profound oracular substances. They are also the herb most connected with dolphin energy and this bath is particularly effective if you're trying to spiritually connect with that sea mammal.

· This bath has also been found to be particularly beneficial when you can't quite determine what gave you the creeps or when you can feel someone has directed malevolent energy toward you, but you can't quite figure out who.


Five Fingers Protection Bath

5 handfuls salt

5 dried or fresh bay leaves

5 lemons, cut in half

Splash of vinegar, lemon vinegar if possible

Glass of springwater

Glass of rose and/or holy water

1. Begin to draw a warm bath.

2. Add the salt and bay leaves to the bath first.

3. Squeeze each lemon half into the water, tossing the fruit in as well.

4. Add the other ingredients.

5. Enter the water. During the bath, submerge yourself completely 5 times, if possible. Stay in as long as you like. Rub your body with the lemons. If you need added inspiration, chew on the bay leaves a bit (but don't really eat them).

6. Stay in the tub while the water drains and let yourself air-dry alongside the leftover leaves and lemons.


Rosemary cleanses, protects but also reinvigorates psychic power. A cup of rosemary tea nourishes you following extensive magic or divination. (Add some peppermint and lemon balm to improve the taste!) A rosemary bath patches up any worn spots in your aura.



Hardworking psychic practitioners sometimes experience a condition known as “psychic torpor.” A little too much psychic work and not only is your physical energy depleted but you feel spacey, unbalanced and ungrounded. (And let's not forget the physical fatigue either! Psychic work is akin to athletics, although different muscles are used. As with any athletic activity, you will improve with practice, should always do warm-ups and may find yourself very hungry afterwards. There's a reason many psychics and witches battle weight problems. Concerned practitioners should stock up on celery sticks before starting their magic.)


Psychic Replenishing Bath


Lemon balm


You can use either dried or fresh herbs. Take a good fistful of each of the herbs and place in a bowl. Pour boiling water over them. Allow them to steep for 15 minutes. Strain and add the infusion to your bath water.


The following bath is beneficial for grounding if you've been doing lots of magic-questing and feel that oncoming psychic torpor. If you're drained but still find yourself stumped for a magical solution, add some whole bay leaves to the bath.


Don't Overwhelm Me Psychic Bath

4 drops essential oil of bay laurel*

2 drops essential oil of celery seed*

2 drops essential oil of Roman chamomile

4 drops essential oil of rosemary

Draw a full bath with a comfortable temperature. Enter the bath, sit down and add the essential oils, swirling them around in the water.