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Divination Spells

Apollo is most renowned today as the classical Greek deity of music and the sun. A very complex spirit, with a temperament blending both violence and beauty, many of his other functions are often overlooked: He also served as Guardian of Grain, for instance, often in the guise of one of his animal totems, a mouse. Another of his totems, the crow, demonstrates that Apollo's other gifts to humans included therapeutic healing and psychic prophecy.


According to ancient Chaldean wisdom, beautiful, pleasing fragrances consistently call in benevolent and generous spirits. Foul odors invite the presence of malevolent powers instead.


Apollo came to Greece from the North bearing shamanic skills and oracles. Delphi, the most prominent oracle of its time, was originally an Earth oracle, guarded by a serpent of wisdom. Apollo slew the sacred guardian and violently settled himself in charge, where he consistently displayed his impeccably accurate prophetic ability.

Apollo had various oracles and this one, which prophesizes through grain, is easily reproduced in your kitchen.


Apollo's Balls of Fortune

1 cup flour

¼ cup water

1 egg


This quick spell is for when you need to make a decision, are beset by choices and you can't tell which to choose.

1. Write each alternative on a tiny slip of paper or color-code each one. Mix the flour and water to form a paste.

2. The egg serves as your binding agent, add a little bit at a time, you probably won't need the entire egg.

3. When the dough holds together, roll into small balls, one for each of your choices. They should look reasonably identical. Slip a piece of paper into each ball.

4. Put a little extra flour on some wax paper and roll the balls around, so that they're not so slippery and they get mixed up.

5. When you're ready, ask Apollo to direct your hand and pick your fortune.

· In Apollo's ancient shrines, small baked balls containing answers and fortunes might be purchased. If you prefer, bake the balls until a toothpick inserted comes clean, allow them to cool and then choose your fortune.

· But if you're really rushed and need to make a fast choice, balls of rolled aluminum foil may be substituted instead.