Aphrodite's Bower of Love - Love Magic - Spells

The Big Book of Practical Spells: Everyday Magic That Works - Judika Illes 2016

Aphrodite's Bower of Love
Love Magic

Apple, Linden, Myrtle or Pomegranate Trees

Roses, Scented Geraniums, Marjoram and Poppies

Aphrodite is Queen of Wild Nature. Decorate the garden with seashells and images from the sea. It would not be inappropriate to place a hot tub in the midst. Place images of her favorite creatures in the garden, too: doves, swans, rabbits, dolphins, deer, turtles, goats and wolves. If bees frequent your garden, you'll know Aphrodite sends her personal blessings to you. She likes company: put a bench or gazebo in your garden and enjoy.


Basil, Carrots, Catnip, Chamomile, Chile peppers, Coriander, Crocus, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Hyacinth, Iris, Jasmine, Lady's Mantle, Lavender, Lettuce, Mint, Onion, Orchid, Poppy, Rose, Rosemary, Saint John's Wort, Strawberry, Thyme, Vervain


The numbers two, five and six give extra power. Two because it symbolizes the ideal of the perfect union. Five because it's the number associated with Oshun and six because it belongs to Aphrodite. Fridays are especially beneficial for romantic spells because they belong to Freya.



Plants do more in the bedroom than facilitate sleep. Sprinkle vinca, also known as “the sorcerer's violet,” around the bed to stir up passion. Powdered orrisroot sprinkled onto the sheets serves as a more direct aphrodisiac. Pulverized or powdered rosemary sprinkled under the bed and around the room keeps a couple happy and satisfied. Boughs of yarrow are hung over the bed to enhance and encourage sensual pleasures. Away for the night? A little concerned? Hawthorn leaves under your lover's pillow or more discreetly, crumbled and sprinkled around the bed helps keep the object of your affections faithful until you return.



Apricot, Avocado, Cherry, Myrtle, Orange


Forget your own dreams; you want to make sure someone special is dreaming of you? Give them a gift of a nice handmade dream pillow:


Lover Dream of Me Pillow


Powdered orrisroot

Honeysuckle blossoms

Red rose petals

A lock of your hair

Essential oil of pine

Whoever lays their head upon this pillow should have sweet dreams of you.

1. Grind the allspice and the orrisroot together but leave the flower petals whole.

2. Place the botanicals in a bowl with a lock of your hair. (An old-fashioned formula would now recommend adding a drop of menstrual blood for extra power. An optional ingredient, should you choose.)

3. Sprinkle with a few drops of pine oil.

4. When dry, stuff the pillow and sew it shut.


Love-Drawing Spice Necklace

Vanilla beans

Fragrant dark Caribbean rum

Allspice berries

Whole cardamom pods

Cinnamon sticks


Ginseng root

2 sewing needles

36 inches of strong thread, monofilament (fishline) or dental floss

This necklace draws love to you and smells so fragrant you'll feel like a goddess of love yourself!

1. Soak the vanilla bean(s) in the rum for a few days. Remove the bean, scrape it with a pin, cut it into the shape and size you desire, pierce with a thick needle for stringing and allow it to dry in the sun. (This method derives from Martinique, a place where knowledge of rum, vanilla, magic and cuisine abound, and is reputed to be the best way to enhance vanilla's fragrance!)

2. Soak the remaining ingredients overnight. The cardamom pod, if white, should be soaked alone to preserve its color. The remaining brown ingredients may be soaked together.

3. Once softened, you may cut and trim the roots to suit your design. You may also recurl the cinnamon as it may have lost its shape.

4. Thread each end of the cord through a needle. Add spices as you will, creating a symmetric pattern by using first one side of the thread, then the other. Arrange the smooth round allspice berries so that they will lie against the back of your neck, to minimize any skin irritation.

5. Remain focused upon your goals and desires as you pierce and string each spice bead.


Love Stones

Emerald, Ruby, Lodestone and Moonstone. Rose quartz heals heartache and/or abuse and prepares you to accept new love. When you feel ready, a heart-shaped garnet attracts new romance.


6. When each side measures 14 inches to the center, tie the ends of the thread, knot firmly and hang the necklace to air-dry.

7. Once dried, your necklace should last for years. Wear this necklace during romantic rituals or just to invoke a romantic mood.


You've found someone. Now you'd like to win his heart.


Be Mine Bath Ritual

Photograph or drawing of your beloved

½ cup calendula blossoms

1 cup pink roses

2 drops essential oil of Roman chamomile

2 drops rose attar

1. The photograph should ideally be a happy photograph of the two of you. No one else should be in the photograph; crop if necessary. (Under no condition, however, should you cut yourself out of the photo, even if you need to remove anyone else!) If you don't have a single photo or if you've had to cut one up, tape your images together side by side, even touching if possible. You may also draw a happy picture of the two of you. Your artistic ability is unimportant; what is important is that your drawing expresses your desire for unity and joy.

2. Fill the tub with comfortably warm water.

3. Tape the image to the wall across from where your head will be once you're in the water.

4. Light your love candles.

5. Add the botanicals and essential oils to the water.

6. Enter the tub, gaze at the image and repeat affirmations regarding your future happiness together.


Although typically depicted as a wizened crone, Hecate also has a history of successful seduction. Honey and lavender are the substances she recommends.


Hecate Bath



6 drops essential oil of lavender

Quantities for the milk and honey are based upon your personal preferences, but do not exceed 6 drops of lavender oil in the bath. Gently warm the milk on the stove. You can use as little as a cup or luxuriate in a quart or more. As it begins to warm, add the honey, stirring constantly. Do not allow the milk to boil; you only want to warm it up. As soon as the honey is absorbed, remove the pot from the stove. Fill your tub with warm/hot water and add the honey/milk mixture. White clouds should form on the surface. Add the lavender oil just before you enter the bath.


Be careful with love spells. You can't evoke true, healthy love from another unless you know (not believe, know!) you are deserving and worthy. The best love spells bolster your self-esteem, make you love and respect yourself, while all the while beckoning another.

This next bath ritual is one of the more time-consuming to prepare but that's an essential part of the ritual: You are affirming that you deserve the effort. This bath is particularly beneficial for those who have loved and lost and also those who feel battered and humiliated, emotionally, physically or sexually.

It is also excellent for those occasions when you need to be transformed into a goddess or prior to performing any other romantic spells.


The Hibiscus “I Love Myself” Bath

Dried red hibiscus flowers*

Dried raspberry leaves

Dried red rose petals

Dried rose hips

Rose quartz and sea shells

5 candles: blue, brown, pink, white, yellow

Handful of sea salt

1 teaspoon pure almond extract

Assorted whole white blossoms: jasmine or rose

Red hibiscus flower essence (Green Hope)

1 drop essential oil of peppermint

4 drops either sweet orange, neroli or petitgrain essential oil

1. Make two separate infusions: one from the hibiscus alone, the other from the combined raspberry leaves, rose petals and rose hips. Quantities are dependent upon the color you wish to achieve. Red hibiscus will tint your water to match. The more flowers and the stronger the infusion, the deeper and brighter the color. You can tint your water anywhere from pale pink to deep crimson, whatever appeals to you. Just be aware that the infusion is further diluted once it's added to the tub, so the initial color must be deeper than what you ultimately desire.

2. The second infusion should contain about ½ as much water and material as the hibiscus infusion. Use equal parts of the three herbs.

3. When the infusions are complete, strain and mix them together, taking the opportunity to adjust the color as needed.

4. Draw a bath of comfortably warm water. Place rose quartz and sea shells around your tub.

5. The spells calls for 5 candles in honor of Oshun, who heals and opens the heart chakra. Each color relates to and heals a different aspect. (Coconut-scented candles are extra-beneficial, if possible.) Arrange them around the room. Light the candles, turning off other lights at some point before entering the tub.

6. Add the infused waters, along with the handful of salt and the almond extract. Swirl to distribute.

7. Float the white flowers on top of the bath and enter, adding the essential oils and flower essence once you're seated in the bath.

8. Breathe the beautiful aroma deeply and envision yourself as a beautiful water spirit in your enchanted grotto. Luxuriate as long as you like. There is little to say, although you may make affirmations if you like. Your actions are your affirmations in this ritual. This bath can be your private ritual or, if you're ready, shared with another.


Grow-a-Lover Spell

Plant an onion bulb in a flowerpot. Nurture it lovingly and it will help draw a lover toward you. (This spell only draws male lovers.) Traditional advice states that the onion be watered with your tears. I'm sure that works but who wants to spend that much time crying? If regular water doesn't seem quite strong enough, consider feeding some romantic infusions for a little extra stimulation. Bury a rose quartz or place it right beside the onion for extra oomph.


Another way to make your lover dream of you is to place one drop of romantic fragrance oil, ideally one you sometimes wear yourself, on a dried wormwood root and place under his pillow. And if you want to receive the dreams instead? Daisy roots placed under your pillow brings dreams of an absent lover.



If you're lonely and in need of new romance.


New Romance Brew: A Potion for One

Balm of Gilead buds

Red wine

Steep the botanicals in the red wine on a new moon Friday evening. Toast the new moon with either a request for new love to enter your life or an affirmation stating that you are lovable and deserve a happy new romance. Drink your potion!


Love Potion #2: A Potion for Two

A love potion to enhance, stimulate and preserve true love.

Bottle of red wine

1 tablespoon of whole cardamom pods

Fistful of cloves

6 cinnamon sticks

Red hibiscus flower essence (Green Hope)

1. Choose the wine to suit your taste; the key is it must be red.

2. Pour the wine into a pot, add the spices and warm gently.

3. Allow to simmer gently for an hour, then strain.

4. Pour the wine into glasses and add one drop of flower essence per glass. Enjoy with your intended!


Oh, that matchmaking spirit! Do you know two people who would be perfect for each other or perhaps you know just the right person for you?


Apple Attachment Spell

1. Cut an apple in half horizontally to reveal the star hidden within.

2. Spread each half with honey.

3. Take a lock of hair from each person's head, braid them together and place on top of an apple half. Bring the 2 halves together and bind with a red ribbon, making several strong knots on top.

4. Bury the apples in Earth, preferably in a romantic spot, maybe near some romance-inducing plants or trees.

5. If it suits you, make an invocation to Aphrodite, Spirit of Love, who holds apples sacred.


Henna Love Spell

This henna spell is for lovers temporarily separated by distance. It's a very simple spell, perfect for farewells at an airport. Before separating, the woman pushes a small ball of henna paste into the center of the man's palm. He should allow it to remain for several hours before scraping it off. The resulting mark is subtle, indistinct and will not draw undue attention from others. Yet it carries spiritual protection as well as a reminder of the love that awaits him. Every time he glances at his hand, he will be reminded of the woman and her love. (Did I mention that henna is also reputed to ensure a man's fidelity?)


You've found love, but now you'd like to make sure that there's no straying from the path of true romance? This English bath potion is reputed to make you irresistible. Use as needed or just for a little extra reinforcement, to mark the new moon.


Your Eyes Only for Me Bath

Handful fresh rosemary

Handful fresh thyme

1 tablespoon powdered orrisroot

1 tablespoon powdered lovage root

1. Make a strong infusion from the rosemary and thyme.

2. After the infusion cools a bit, add the powdered roots.

3. Let the brew steep for awhile, stirring periodically.

4. Just before you are ready to bathe, strain and add the liquid to the water.


Lover Come to Me Candle Ritual

1 small pink or yellow candle

Romantic oil: either “Come to Me Lover' (formula follows on page 210) or any fragrance that evokes love. (Make sure you like the fragrance; you'll have to wear it!)

1. Carve a heart into the candle, preferably with a rose thorn. Inside the heart, place your own initials followed by a plus sign and then underneath a question mark.

2. Anoint the candle with the oil.

3. Light the candle in your window where it is visible to the outside, under a brand-new moon.

4. Verbally express your desire for love or invoke romantic spirits to assist you. Keep the invocation short and simple because you'll need to remember it, something like:

“No more loneliness for me,

Mystery lover, come to me.”

5. Let the candle burn out naturally.

6. Keep a supply of the oil to use as a perfume whenever you find yourself in situations where you're likely to meet someone. Anoint yourself, affirming that you're ready to burn with passion and repeat your incantation.


Come to Me Lover Formula

2 drops jasmine attar

2 drops rose attar

1 drop essential oil of neroli or petitgrain

1 drop gardenia absolute or fragrance oil

1 heaping tablespoon apricot kernel or sweet almond oil

Blend essential oils into the tablespoon of base oil.


Your Love Belongs to Me Candle Ritual

Suitable for when you've met someone you're sure is for you but you're not sure about their level of commitment.

1. Prepare an altar of love featuring things that are relevant to your relationship.

2. Use a rose thorn to inscribe your initials and your lover's inside a heart carved into a white candle.

3. Light the candle and as it burns, think or chant: Your love is for me. Reflect on happy moments in your relationship and happier ones yet to come.


If you should find you've attracted the wrong love, the scent of camphor is reputed to drive men away and remove any romantic notions. Wear it as perfume to ward off unwanted interest.



Beware of the urge to get the largest candle you can find for intensification. Bigger is not necessarily better. You need a candle large enough to inscribe, so no tapers or birthday candles, but you'll also need to watch it burn in its entirety, so this is not the place for a 7-day or a very thick pillar. Use a mid-size candle, votive or a little larger. This is also an excellent opportunity to use a human figure candle.


4. You must allow this candle to burn down naturally, without interruption. (If you cannot find enough happy reveries to fill the time it takes to burn this candle, perhaps you should reconsider whether this is the right spell to be doing.)

5. When the candle burns out, collect the wax along with some of the altar mementos and place them in a safe and private place. (Should you ever decide you no longer wish to maintain this relationship, dispose of the candle wax and mementos appropriately.)


To bring lovers together, this next ritual requires figure candles.


We Two Meet as One

1. You will need two human figure candles of appropriate gender to represent yourself and your beloved. Choose whichever color resonates best for you, although pink, yellow or white are most traditional.

2. Personalize each candle by carving initials, names, birthdays or symbols into the wax.

3. Anoint each candle with a romantic oil, something like “Come To Me Lover.”

4. Place the candles at opposite ends of a flameproof rectangular pan or tray, facing each other. (Disposable aluminum baking trays are great or cover a roasting pan with aluminum foil.)

5. Light the candles, concentrating on your wish and affirmation of togetherness. Allow to burn for 20 minutes and then extinguish.

6. Twenty-four hours later, rub a little extra oil on the candles, push them 1 inch closer together and repeat the ritual: light the candles, focus on your desire, allow them to burn for 20 minutes and then extinguish.

7. This is to be repeated every 24 hours, continually pushing the candles closer together until they meet.

8. When the candles cannot be pushed any closer together, allow them to burn out in their entirety. If the wax from the respective candles blend together and become indistinguishable from each other, this is a very good sign.

(If by chance, you change your mind about this relationship in the middle of the ritual, do not stop. Just have the candles veer away from each other, like two ships passing in the night. Do not allow them to burn out until each candle has safely turned its back on the other. An effective divorce/separation spell is performed by reversing the process, i.e. starting the candles together in the center and pulling them gradually apart.)